Review Fix Exclusive: Elise Talks ‘Sweet Love’

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Elise, who discusses her origin in music and new single, “Sweet Love.”

About Elise:

Singer/songwriter Elise sinks effortlessly into the candy-colored, sweet taste of love on her new single, “Sweet Love,” due out October 22, 2021. Known for her various roles on the Disney channel and independent films, the actress turned musician is making moves on the music scene. Her Latest single, “Note to Self,” showcased her sultry vocals and feel-good attitude, which carries through every track she writes. Her newest project has surprises in store at every turn.

Inspired by a walk to clear her mind amid a tough songwriting day, “Sweet Love” envisions a world seen through rose-colored glasses and candy-coated everything. The quiet piano and Elise’s simplistic, breathless vocals are reminiscent of those first few months of new love. Sweet and easy, she croons, “sugar spun / undone craving / gotta get me sweet love, sweet love / that sugar rush I’m dreaming of.” From the casual strut of a rhythm to the imagery built into each lyric, “Sweet Love” perfectly represents the technicolored honeymoon phase of every relationship.

Review Fix: How did you get involved in music?

Elise: All my life I’ve loved singing. I grew up doing cover song performances every weekend at philanthropic events, assisted living homes, schools, and really anywhere someone would hand me a mic.JI don’t remember specifically when I truly started writing my own lyrics and music. It was sort of a natural progression from journaling as a teenager, coupled with a desire to write melody that would work for my own vocal tone and style. I love covering other artists’ work- but nothing else is the exact fit for you, more than your own writing and style. Music is something that always gives back to me when I give to it, so I feel really fortunate to have this space where my passion, interest and ability align.

Review Fix: How do you think your work with Disney made you a better performer?

Elise: I believe all on-set and related acting experiences help directly with performance and music careers as a whole! Personally, I love using scripts that I work on as an actress to influence new stories, character perspective and ideas in my lyrics! I spend so much time “getting out of my own head” and into someone else’s when I’m acting, so it’s such an awesome way to instigate new lyric ideas. On another note, there’s a level of professionalism and execution that needs to happen when the cameras are rolling- just as when you’re on stage performing. You don’t have infinite takes on set, and you similarly don’t have infinite chances to capture the same audience twice. Overall there are so many different ways the two empower each other- art stimulates art!

Review Fix: How was Sweet Love written?

Elise: I was actually working on topline of a different song, and was really hitting a lyric wall on that one- everything I wrote, good or bad, felt stale. So I left the studio and went on a walk (sunshine, walking and running are some of the most direct recharge tactics for me). I was looking around and admiring so much of the natural beauty around me. I started imagining this wonderland where everything I was seeing was made of candy and sweets- and the lyrics just sort of started to flood out. I thought “THIS is what I’m supposed to be working on today- something light and fun that brings me joy!”. The rest fell together pretty seamlessly and it was a good reminder to take a step back and look to other solutions when you find yourself at a dead end.

Review Fix: What has been the most important love you’ve experienced in your life?

Elise: God’s love has surpassed anything I know on Earth. It’s been the most impacting in my life and in my heart. If I can reflect a fraction of that love to others in what I do and say while I’m here, I can rest easy. I’ve made mistakes and will continue to, but that God-Love has no conditions or pre- requisites, which is pretty amazing in my opinion.

Review Fix: I love your voice! Where does it come from? Are there any singers you take from your create your sound?

Elise: Thank you! That makes me happy. My voice was definitely passed to me from my dad- he had a beautiful voice. Both of my parents were musicians (my mom a harpist and my dad a bassist and vocalist). But yeah the voice gene definitely came from my dad. There are so many vocalists I admire- I feel like I’m cheating them by naming just a few! If I had to choose- I would say YEBBA. Her tone, control, and vocal arrangements give me chills. Another is Sam Smith- the emotion they convey through each word and phrase, with a semblance of effortlessness is enviable in the best way. I would be wrong not to also mention Seinabo Sey, John Mayer, Sade, Christine McVie, and Chelsea Cutler as artists who I look up to and am influenced by immensely.

Review Fix: How do you want this song to be embraced by people?

Elise: I want this song to make people smile! I worked to make every line clever and witty, and I would be beyond thrilled if ‘Sweet Love’ made each person who listens to it smile during some part of the song. That’s my goal.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Elise: I’m excited to have new singles coming out at the start of the year (how is it already going to be 2022?). Also, a short film I am in, ‘Planetarium’, is coming out within the next month. I am so excited! The initial edits look beautiful.

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Elise: Thank you so much for the time and energy! I’m excited to keep the content coming and hope each song is enjoyed in its own right. I hope it’s a great end-of-year for everyone reading!

Review Fix: Where can people find out more?

Elise: Do life with my on IG at @fellhooklineandsinger or check out my website at Thanks y’all.

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