Why Are Live Casinos One of the Brightest Inventions in the iGaming Industry

The iGaming industry has been growing rapidly, and it won’t stop any time soon. Many of us have been confined to our homes over the past two years, so we have had to make do and find alternatives for our favorite pastime activities. While the global pandemic has harmed many businesses, the iGaming industry is not one of them. It has only continued to thrive and attract more users.

iGaming is an incredibly complex term, normally associated with betting, gambling, and casino online games. With each passing year, the market is becoming more and more competitive as companies release games that only seem to surpass their predecessors. One of the most popular aspects of iGaming is the live casino. This interactive game adds a dose of human touch many online games seem to lack.

Continue reading to learn why the iGaming industry will only continue to grow and why live casinos are one of its most brilliant inventions.

History of iGaming

Believe it or not, iGaming took its first steps in the mid-90s. While it wasn’t as popular as it is today, the emergence of a brand new industry was certainly groundbreaking. The first online gaming website appeared in 1994, and the industry has only continued to thrive ever since. 

Four years after that crucial event, Microgaming released the first-ever progressive slot jackpot. Online desktop games continued to gain popularity and attract new users until 2010, when another boom occurred. The industry switched to a different medium — mobile phones, and the rest is history. 

The iGaming industry’s position in the business world is currently solid. In fact, according to numerous surveys, it has been deduced that 17% of the world’s population took part in some kind of online gambling. 

Growing Popularity

While the iGaming industry has slowly worked its way to the top, the past few years were crucial for its development and growth. With so many people stuck at home for months on end, players have had to find worthy alternatives to their favorite pastimes. However, what they did not expect was how convenient it was to access online games.

With mobile apps, playing bingo or poker is easy and accessible whenever and wherever. What’s more, since the competition is fierce, developers go to great lengths to offer the ultimate user experience to every player. Many apps offer no deposit bonuses, which is a great option for first-time players.

Live Casino History

While slots, among other games, continue to hold the top spot in popularity, live casino is the true hidden gem of iGaming, and here’s why. 

The term emerged in the nineties, pretty much when the iGaming industry was born. The concept itself was quite revolutionary — instead of spending time playing online bingo on your own, you got the chance to experience a real live game, a dealer, and authentic equipment. The session would be broadcast online, and you would get to play regardless of your location. Unfortunately, as innovative as that sounded, the game wasn’t an instant success. 

At that time, the technology was simply not advanced enough to hold people’s attention, so players turned to more traditional forms of online gaming. Luckily, that did not last long. We all know how rapidly things change, especially when it comes to technology. Thanks to technological advancements, the live casino was able to rise from the ashes. 

Rise of Live Casinos

Good ideas can’t stay hidden for a long time, and live casinos were not an exception. Despite them failing to gain instant fame, they could still work their way up to the top. Mobile online casino games may be innovative, easy to maneuver and the bonuses are great, but they lacked something crucial — the real casino atmosphere. 

Since people are perceived as social creatures, online games did not satisfy that need as they lacked human interaction. The live casino offers everything that regular apps seem to lack. Smartphones and 5G Internet finally enabled players to participate in actual live games. Thanks to the technology, the process itself has become much more refined.

The interface is a pleasure to use, various live chat options enable unhindered communication, and you can interact with people in real-time. This way you can call their bluff and experience all of the excitement and tribulations of a real casino game while staying at home. 

Currently, the most popular live casino game is live blackjack since the rules are fairly simple to learn. However, the choices are endless. Although these past few years have taught us that life is unpredictable, we suspect that live casino games will only continue to grow in popularity until they reach the top. 

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