Exploring Six Different Types of Roulette

Casino games and their different versions call out for an endless debate on the one that is the best. However, we are not here to tell you which version is the best. Instead, we are here to look into six different versions of a classic game and help you understand it all. The game in question is roulette and by all means, it is one of the most famous games at the casino. 

Considering the fact that the versions of roulette are also available online, you can not only read and understand what is written below but go ahead to play them. 

  • European Roulette: The Famous One

The European version of roulette is commonly known to be the most famous one in the lot mainly because it has a lower house edge when compared to its American counterpart. While casinos deploy a 5.3% house edge on the American version, its European friend stops the count at 2.6%. Hence, players prefer to play the European version and thus, it is the most famous one in the group. 

Apart from that, there is one other difference that points towards the roulette wheel. European roulettes have 37 pockets out of which only one single space is for a zero. On the other hand, American roulette has a total of 38 different pockets, which includes not one but two zeros. 

  • American Roulette: The Expensive Alternative 

American roulette has gone through several transformations and thus has changed over the years. While it is not as famous as European roulette, it certainly is a top variant that calls out for an exciting game. Many gamblers have considered this version to be their call for roulette, mainly because they are used to playing the game again and again. 

It may not have the best odds but has other rules and regulations that make the game exciting. Since the casino business is known to have games of different variants where specific changes take things to a whole new level, you can firmly argue that American roulette is that specific change. And this change gets highlighted when you compare roulette in Las Vegas to the one in the UK.

  • Mini Roulette: The Simple One

If every other version seems complicated, the solution for you is mini roulette. The game follows the same functions and rules as the rest but does so in a 13-number wheel. So the large wheel of the European or American roulette is no longer a part of the process and instead, you can focus on a simple wheel that promises to be fun.

However, there is a small difference and it talks about placing bets on the game. A bet on mini roulette will not cover zero and you will only lose half, if the ball ends up in zero. Since you will lose all of it in regular roulette, mini sounds like a beneficial one.

  • Double Ball Roulette: The Vegas Sensation

As the name suggests, double ball roulette managed to turn the heat by merely bringing another ball into the equation. It is the type of roulette that one would commonly see in movies because a lot of them are filmed in Las Vegas. While this game began as an experiment, it caught on in a matter of time because it sounded a lot more exciting. 

Moreover, the game was also played on the European wheel which indicated that it was played with a low house edge. So it is fair to say that double ball roulette was and is a hit. 

  • Multi-wheel Roulette: The Crazy One

Multi-wheel roulette is going to sound like a crazy game for those who believed that you couldn’t make double ball roulette more exciting. So what are the changes? Well, in multi-wheel roulette, you will be placing bets on eight wheels at once when compared to the usual one ball and wheel affair. You will not be allowed to choose the wheels, which means that you won’t have to set all eight of them in motion. 

However, players who want to set them in motion can do so and playing a simple online roulette game can help you achieve that. Since eight wheels in motion do sound complicated, you need to take your time with this game and learn all about it in a gradual manner. Hence, be slow and steady because you are about to play the crazy one.

  • Rapid Roulette: The Video Format of Roulette 

Rapid roulette was one of the main games that moved away from the traditional format and brought in a modern touch to the classic game. While the wheel is not exactly situated in a virtual setup, it may or may not have an individual performing the spin every time. Because in certain cases, the ball will be deployed electronically and it can land anywhere. 

Payouts for this version are quick and more or less, automated. It is a classic video-hybrid version of a famous game and trying it out will certainly help you understand all that we are talking about. So that’s the end of your take on the six different versions of roulette. 

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