Godzilla vs. Kong: Disaster or Masterpiece?

Let’s start off by saying that opinions about the latest movie called Godzilla vs. Kong are varied. Some despise the movie and think that it’s a waste of precious time, while others appreciate the work that was put into bringing two iconic figures, Godzilla and Kong, on screen. 

Directed by Adam Wingard and written by Eric Pearson and Max Borenstein, Godzilla vs. Kong is where two kings of the jungle meet to dispute. We have seen Godzilla in countless of movies, starting as early as 1954, with recent favourites being Godzilla in 2014, directed by Gareth Edwards, and Godzilla: King of Monsters in 2019, directed by Michael Dougherty. On the other hand, Kong was also in his fair share of movies, more recently, in a favourite called Kong: Skull Island in 2017, directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Both monsters have also gained popularity in other industries such as video games, a popular game being the 2014 Godzilla for PS3 & PS4, and also online games including popular slot games like Congo King by Ainsworth, which a BetMGM review claims is one of the top games that features the king of the jungle. 

If anything, Godzilla vs. Kong is remarkable to watch in the cinema as the big screen brings the monster fights to life – and that is the whole purpose of the movie. This is the fourth film in Warner Bros and Legendary’s MonsterVerse – this time we are faced with two alpha predators being pitted against each other.

Godzilla has the power to bombard his enemies with nuclear radiation and he has been busy attacking cities and killing humans. Before this movie, Godzilla was always seen as a saviour rather than a killer, which means that in this movie, he is super angry about something we do not yet know of. On the other hand, Kong is the giant ape on which the survival of humanity depends upon. He has been dragged from his isolated home to civilisation. 

Kong is taken on a ship to Antarctica to a whole new world inside the earth to figure out the secret of a hidden world and whether the Hollow Earth theory is true. 

Meanwhile, a podcaster and a few teenagers are busy trying to figure out why Godzilla has gone berserk. One of this movie’s disappointments is that human characters, and in all the MonsterVerse movies, are not developed as they should – which is quite a shame since they seemed to have potential in Godzilla vs. Kong. Having said that, they are not the reason you are watching this movie either – it’s Godzilla and Kong’s massive brawl that we are interested in. 

The two monsters fight more than once, and each time it gets bigger and better. The fights are delivered in impeccable detail, and they are almost realistic. The third battle happens to be our favourite, and we are sure it will be yours too! 

No matter whose side you are on, you will be, more than likely, satisfied with the outcome. Although this movie does not add any new value to either Godzilla or Kong, and it will probably not make it to your top ten movies of the year – monster movies will not miss this one. It’s big and it’s thrilling – everything that a monster movie should be.

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