Netflix Games Are Here for Android Users: A New Way of Entertainment

Ever since Netflix made its pursuit of gaming content public, people across the world have been waiting for this moment. And finally, the most anticipated day is here- Android users can now play games from the Netflix app.

Starting November 3, 2021, people globally with a subscription were allowed to play games through the Netflix mobile app. While this new feature is limited to Android devices, Netflix stated that its iOS support is on the way. However, there is no specific date yet.

A Deeper Look at Netflix Games

Currently, there are just five games for users to choose from: Stranger Things: 1984Stranger Things 3: The GameTeeter UpShooting Hoops, and Card Blast. Though the current game offerings are scant, Netflix recently bought Oxenfree developer Night School, which means more thrilling than the exciting Shooting Hoops.

When you are playing from a mobile device, Netflix games come packaged in their own dedicated row and have a dedicated tab. Though you can find the games on the Google Play Store, you will still require a Netflix subscription to play. But the good news is that there will be no ads, no additional fees, and no in-app purchases. You can find these games to download in a dedicated section of the app. The games are also available in several languages. When you start playing, the app will default to the language preference you have set on your Netflix profile. In case you haven’t set your language preference, it will default to English.

When it comes to access, Netflix allows users to play games on multiple mobile devices using the same account. There is a device limit however, Netflix hasn’t yet stated what it is. You will only get to know once you reach the limit, as the app will warn you.

There still is one place where you won’t be able to find Netflix Games—on Kids’ profiles. In case you have set up a PIN to prevent your kids from accessing adult profiles, the same PIN will be required to log into Netflix and play the game on any Android device.

It is not the first time Netflix Games has stepped onto the Android devices world. In fact, this happens to be their next step in what appears to be an ongoing journey. It was only a few months ago when Netflix allowed users in Poland to testout Stranger Things:1984 and Stranger Things 3 on Android within the app before pushing it out to users in Italy and Spain for testing.

Where is Netflix Games Headed to?

Netflix was quite clear about their plans to enter the gaming industry for months, yet the company still insists that the project Netflix Game is still in its nascent phase. According to them, they are just getting started.

This makes users curious about what they can expect further down the line. A recent blog post published by Netflix revealed the company’s ambition to currently focus on the humble offering. However, they are also quite ambitious and have high hopes for the future.

One of their future visions includes creating a library of games where every user can find something to their liking—games that offer everything from casual to more immersive experiences that will have you dig deeper into your favorite stories. This definitely means users will be able to witness more than just five games on Netflix games in the future.

Anyone who has been into the world of TV shows or movie tie-in games would know how bad or good they can. When you fail to get enough of a world that you are currently watching, the games will allow you to jump in, explore, and experience the world for yourself.

There are various streaming services in the market like Apple TV PlusAmazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus that are all trying their best to attract more subscribers to their platform and make their subscription rollover. The competition is really fierce for Netflix, so it is only right that the company is looking for a way to offer more value for its subscribers and give them another reason to remain on its app.

Now consider this scenario, you are traveling and feel toorestless to watch your favorite TV show. So, why not enter the Netflix app and experience its tie-in game?

Netflix Games might still be in its early days. However, like how sports betting and gambling used to be a dream in the past, and now sportsbooks like DraftKings and BetOnline are ruling the American market, Netflix Game will also win numerous hearts.

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