Top Countries to Visit for the Best Cuisine

Are you looking for the best country to visit if you want to enjoy the best cuisines? This is one question that comes to mind every time you travel abroad.

Whether you want to eat out in restaurants or cook for yourself at home, you might find yourself wondering where the best place is to indulge. Here’s our list of the top countries with the greatest variety of food. So pack your bags and start planning your next trip!

Top Countries to Visit for the Best Cuisine

Here are the countries with the best cuisine. Make sure you use your best online casino winnings to visit a few of them.


Spain is often described as a culinary paradise with its rich history dating back thousands of years. It was once considered an empire with great influence over the Mediterranean region and Europe but nowadays it has been overshadowed by other countries like France, Italy, and Germany which are now leading the way. The Spanish cuisine focuses on quality ingredients and cooking methods such as slow-cooked stews and roasts and fresh fish dishes. Spanish wine is also famous around the world.


Ireland is another great destination where delicious seafood can be found along with locally grown vegetables and fruit. The food here reflects the beautiful landscape of this country where barley fields grow alongside green pastures. The Irish cuisine involves foods from different parts of the island ranging from seafood to beef and lamb. 

A few typical dishes include bangers and mash, Guinness stew, and soda bread. Another popular dish is a black pudding or blood sausage which dates back to Medieval times when people boiled pig intestines until they were full of blood and fat before drying them.


Porto is Portugal’s most cosmopolitan city where locals and tourists alike will find plenty of places to grab some tasty dishes. Portuguese cuisine varies depending on what part of the country you come from. 

Fish and shellfish are common staples while other specialties include desserts including custard tarts, chocolate cake, nougat, and caxixas cakes. If you want to sample traditional Portuguese food then head to Lisbon, which boasts lots of cafés serving dishes like sopa de carne and Frito.

United Kingdom 

Britain offers an amazing variety of food for all budgets but visitors should try not to miss out on the gastronomic treats from Wales. One of the oldest living cultures in the UK, Welsh food is influenced heavily by meat and potatoes and there are a lot of variations from one village to the other. 

Try steak and ale pie, haggis, or neeps and tatties. Scotland is another popular option with seafood being a big favorite and Scottish haggis featuring oatmeal instead of liver. Puddings are also a must-try especially scones and cream tea.

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