3 Essential Companions for Your Next Movie Marathon

Planning a movie marathon is always fun, as it provides you with an opportunity to sink your teeth into the visual medium in a way that simply watching a single movie doesn’t allow. You can chain together movies in whichever way you see fit; perhaps you want to burn through an actor’s filmography, or maybe this is more about completing a narrative thread, such as binging a trilogy.

Beyond deciding what’s on the screen, you also get to control the circumstances around your viewing experience as well. Is this a venture that you’re embarking on by yourself? Or are you perhaps more interested in this as a social event, in which you and your friends can discuss what’s unfolding before you or quote along to films that you’ve seen countless times?

Your Phone

Your first thought upon seeing this suggestion might be, ‘wouldn’t a phone ruin a movie experience, as it might in the cinema?’ Well, that depends on the kind of environment that you’re trying to cultivate. If you are indeed concerned with making this space and time something highly reminiscent of the cinema experience, you might want to forego phones and the kinds of distractions that they can bring with them. On the other hand, if you’re going for a relaxed, lounge-type of experience, there are many reasons to remember your handheld device.

First of all, it can provide you with on-the-fly browser searches whenever one of the films at your disposal raises a question. Want to know who a certain actor is? Or perhaps the budget, or who the director is? Easy, a simple search is all you need. Alternatively, if the movies provide a simple backdrop to a relaxed environment, activities such as visiting online casinos like maplecasino.ca can occupy your primary attention.


The relationship between movies and snacks has been strengthened by years of association. The bond is as strong as any other, and part of the reason to even have a movie marathon in the first place might well be to enjoy the plethora of snacks that can come with that. Trying to replicate the cinema experience? Popcorn and nachos might be your first port of call, which can go a long way in making this event feel unique if these aren’t the kinds of foods that you would ordinarily indulge in.

This can be even more fun when you have some guests over to enjoy the movies with you, as you might feel as though indulging in such food is more warranted.

Drinks and Friends

If you are planning on making this a social event which includes your friends, there can also be a temptation to get some alcoholic beverages involved as well. Only you and your friends will know if this is the kind of addition that will suit the mood that you’re going for, but there’s no reason not to if you all feel as though it would benefit.

In fact, you might find that this is a way to change up the movie-watching experience, especially if the films you had lined up are ones that you’ve seen plenty of times before. In this case, adding your own commentary over the content with a few good friends and some drinks could be a good time.

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