Review Fix Exclusive: Coldwards Paul Crosby Talks ‘Say Something’ And More

Review Fix chats with Coldwards Paul Crosby, who discusses the difference between this band and his time with Saliva- and so much more.

Review Fix: We enjoyed your first single “Say Something” and were curious how this came about  working with your two sons to form the band ColdWards? 

Paul Crosby: It started during the Covid lockdown in early 2020. I sent my son Sean (Guitars/Vocals) a song I was  working on for him to sing a hook on it and it came out pretty cool, so we decided to just write some  songs together for the fun of it and had my other son Zac (Vocals/Electronics) sing on some of those and  it kinda morphed from there. Once we had 3 or 4 songs completed, we decided to make a record and just  release it and see what happens. We singed a deal with Wake Up Music Rocks and have already shot 2  videos and released our first single!! 

Review Fix: You have a long history with Saliva, how did you first get involved in music? 

Crosby: I first got into music when I was around 10 or 11 years old, my adopted brother was a  drummer and he was always playing air drums, and I really looked up to him, so from  that moment on I wanted to play drums. 

At first, I was into hip-hop, and R&B I wasn’t really a rock ‘n’ roll fan in my younger  years. Once I hit about 12 or 13 and started skateboarding, somebody played Metallica,  Master of puppets and I was hooked from that moment on. 

Review Fix: What will be the difference in sound from Saliva vs ColdWards? Are your bandmates in  Saliva supportive of the new band? 

Crosby: The main difference in sound comes from the fact that Sean and Zac do most of the  writing. So, the ideas come from a completely different place than saliva ideas would  come from. 

My bandmates in Saliva know that they will come first and foremost over any other  projects I ever do. And they are in full support of this project I am doing with my sons. 

Review Fix: So far you have released the first single from your debut album. Will you release more  singles prior to the release of Bloodwork due out in 2022? 

Crosby: We are planning on releasing at least one or two more singles and then releasing the  full 10 song album which is titled bloodwork. 

Review Fix: What is the song writing process for ColdWards?

Crosby: The song writing process works in a variety of ways with this band. Sometimes Sean  will send a guitar riff to Zack and Zack will start riding a hook over it and it’ll go from  there. But sometimes Zac will just sing a hook on a voice memo and send that to Shaun  and Sean will ride guitars around that. There are a handful of songs that I wrote or at  least started off as my ideas as well in that kind of works the same way. I would just  send a guitar idea or a rough vocal idea to Shawn and he would take it from there and  then Zach will get involved. 

Review Fix: How do you want your music to affect people? What will make you stand out from other new bands? 

Crosby: My goal with this band first and foremost was to write a record with my sons and release  it to the world with no other expectations or assumptions. However, I would love for our  music to impact people positively and have it widely received. But at the end of the day  our goal has already been accomplished just by releasing the music together. 

I think what makes us stand out from other new bands is the fact that we intentionally try  to not sound like anyone else and if it comes out that way then it’s just the way it was  meant to be. We just write what comes out at that moment and go with it. 

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2022? 

Crosby: Our goals for 2022 are to hopefully be able to go out and do some shows together to support this  record. And potentially do some tours with Saliva so I can pull double duty with both bands. I  think that would be fun.

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add? 

Crosby: Go like, follow, share, and subscribe to all our pages and channels.


Instagram: @coldwardsmusic 



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