The Sword of Hyperborea #1 Review: Top Notch Art

Every universe has its legendary weapons. Some even have dozens of them like “Dungeons and Dragons” has so many legendary weapons the average person’s head will spin. The world if ‘Hellboy” has one of them, “The Sword of Hyperbprea” which has been wielded by many characters. In fact, the sword in the B.P.R.D. logo is this sword. Mike Mignola, along with writer Rob Williams and artist Laurence Campbell and Quinton Winter, wrote a comic story about the history of the sword called “The Sword of Hyperborea.”

The first issue sees Gall Dennar who has awoken after being in trance for weeks. He seeks out a race of shamanic warriors who he believes gives power to the Sword of Hyperborea.

There isn’t much in terms of plot here, but in a strange way that’s OK since the main character, technically speaking, is the sword. This story should be about the sword’s journey through the history of the world and all who wielded it. The first issue gets the story going on a decent foot by going back to prehistoric time. The next issues should have more wielders and more monsters for it to kill.

The artwork is the best any “Hellboy” comic has ever seen. The first panel, where we see Gall Dennar during Ragna Rok just standing there in a darkly lit room, is amazing enough to frame. This is a panel that Campbell and Winter should autograph, frame and sell at conventions. It’s that amazing. The high quality artwork doesn’t let up at all as the comic progresses. In fact, there is more than one panel that will make your jaw drop.

Amazing art is the main reason to read “The Sword of Hyperborea.” The story is best when it is about the sword which means that in order for the comic to not be a disappointment there should be more than one wielder. If there are multiple wielders than this comic is a must have, if it’s just Gall Dennar than this comic, story wise, will be mediocre.

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