4 Hobbies To Get Into If You Are A Music Fan

Music is a wonderful part of life; it has the power to connect and bring people together in such a unique way. If you are big into music, then it is likely you want to always find ways to engage your musical mind and explore the genres. While a lot of people will start by learning sheet music before eventually wanting to join a band or make in big in the music world, other people may just want some smaller hobbies to keep them entertained. If this is the case for you, then here are 4 hobbies to get into if you are a big music fan. 

Start A Music Blog

One hobby that could be fun if you are a big music fanatic is for you to start a music blog. A music blog gives you the freedom to write whatever you want about the music you love. Having a blog in general is a great way to explore your creative writing and a good outlet for any feelings you have. Your music blog can be about anything you want, but it could be a fun idea to start writing music reviews. If your local area has a good music scene, then it gives you an excuse to attend lots of gigs and write some reviews. It is likely that if the music scene is big in your area that the people in your community will want to hear what you have to say about the local music. Reviews can have a powerful influence on people. In fact, statistics show that 91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation. So, therefore, you must make sure your reviews are always honest and not just what you think people want to hear.

Learn How To DJ

Learning how to DJ is another great hobby you could get into if you are super interested in music. If you are a big fan of multiple genres of music, then learning how to mix the genres together can be a fun way to get creative. DJing gives you the freedom to create any sort of songs you want, and it means you can start to pick up some valuable music skills. While learning how to DJ can just be a hobby, there is also the potential to make some money from it too. Once you have developed your skills a bit more, you could start to put your music out there and try and play at some local events. It may not be a lot of money at first but playing for a live audience is a great way to push your skills further and get some feedback from people. When you play for an audience, you get to see their reactions to your mixes, which is a good way to judge whether the music you have produced is any good or not. The good thing about living in such a digital age, is that if you do want to learn something new, there are plenty of online resources like this virtual DJ tutorial by PIRATE.

Learn An Instrument 

Another hobby you could get into as a music fan is to learn an instrument. Learning an instrument can give you a deeper understanding of music as well as a further appreciation of the art. While some people like to learn an instrument to perform on stage, if the thought of a crowd intimidates you, you can always just learn to play an instrument for your own satisfaction. Learning a new skill in general is great for the brain as it keeps your mind active and focused on the task at hand. When it comes to learning an instrument, you really have complete freedom, and you can choose whatever instrument you want. Perhaps there is a particular band or musician that you like the sound of, so you choose an instrument that can help you play their music. Whatever the reason may be, learning an instrument can be a great skill so why not give it a go. If you are struggling to think of what instrument to learn, then check out this list of the best instruments for beginners for some inspiration.

Start Writing Songs

If you are a big music fan, then a good hobby to get into could be writing songs. Like writing a music blog, writing songs is a great creative outlet and it a good way to develop your writing skills in general. Writing songs and lyrics can be a fun way to express your emotions and deal with any pent-up feelings you are experiencing. The great thing about writing your own lyrics is that there is no right or wrong way to do it, you do not even have to have any music or tune behind the lyrics, you can just use the opportunity to write freely about whatever you want. Perhaps start by writing down a few words and then slowly bring them together into full lyrics. 

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