Comic Book Minute With Josh Onimus: Moon Knight Vol 2 #2 “Deadly Knowledge”

Moon Knight Vol 2 #2 “Deadly Knowledge”

Writer: Alan Zelenetz

Penciler: Chris Warner

Colorist: Christie Scheele Letterer: Joe Rosen

Editor: Dennis O’Neil

Inker: E.R. Cruz

In light of the ongoing Disney + television series ‘Moon Knight’, I decided I want to discuss one crucial aspect of the series. To me, that aspect is the sinister villain, portrayed by Ethan Hawke. That being said, I felt like very little was known about him even from the most die-hard of comic fans. So join me as we take a look at Fist Of Khonshu | Moon Knight Vol 2 #2 which appeared the character Arthur Hallow for the first and only time in Marvel Comics canon only to disappear forever after the book published. Let’s dive in to his lone appearance and see what was there that made the showrunners use him as the proxy for their villain this season. Thank you for watching! Enjoy!

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