Radio Spaceman: Mission to Numa 4 #2 Review: A Whole New World

“Radio Spaceman,” a Covid 19 lockdown sketch turned comic concludes its first story in the second issue of “Radio Spaceman: Mission to Numa 4”

Radio Spaceman has found Dr. Azee about to be sacrificed to a vampire deity. That’s not the worst thing to happen since whatever can go wrong on Numa #4 is about to go wrong. 

While not a work of literary masterpiece, the second issue nicely wraps up the first story of “Radio Spaceman.” While there was some worldbuilding, the comic makes the reader want to know this world more than what was given. Though not much is told about the old man controlling Radio Spaceman, we do get more information on Dr. Azee. While some people may view Dr. Azee’s character as a cheap cop-out, this series comes off more as a brainless, comedic romp through different planets than a serious horror story. 

Of course, this world seems like it would fit perfectly with the “Hellboy” world since the second issue has some of the “Hellboy” elements like giant monsters and vampires. Some people may look at this as Mignola being a one-trick pony, it is hard to come up with new worlds when you’ve written one type of story for decades. 

The artwork is still as detailed as in the first issue. The giant monsters are the best thing in the comic as they look scary and the fight they have looks nice. The vampire designs are the only downside to the designs. They look like generic humanoid bats that have been done before. 

The first full story of “Radio Spaceman” creates a world and story that will entertain any comic reader and not just Mignola fans. While there are some issues, these can be fixed in the next comics since so far this one is a keeper.

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