Top 5 Most Thrilling War Games

Playing games is not only about spending free time. It has lots of other benefits. Some games help you make a fortune, and the following ones let you learn more about the art of war and history. 

Arma 3

A well-known wargame, which came out in 2013, is still popular with thousands of players around the world. The action of this computer game takes place in the 2030s, where there are fighting on the fictional islands of Altis, Stratis, Tanoa, and Malden with photorealistic terrain. 

On the islands, besides military infrastructure, there are peaceful buildings that are destructible. Unlike casual shooters, Arma 3 has a more realistic wounding system, and the gamer will not be able to survive after a magazine of bullets straight to the head. You have to work on tactics, blend in with the terrain, coordinate forces with other players to eliminate enemies. A lot of modifications allows to turn Arma 3 into a realistic tactical shooter, which is almost the same as real combat and allows one to feel the hardships of war.

Hearts of Iron 4

This global strategy game, released in 2016, is constantly being refined, with developers releasing new add-ons similar to if you try National Casino online or rewards in mobile games because they are aimed to help users exceed their chances to win. 

In Hearts of Iron 4, the player takes on the role of commander-in-chief of a country between 1936 and 1948, covering the pre-war period, World War II, and potentially World War III with the use of nuclear weapons.

One of the main features of Hearts of Iron 4 is the ability to choose any ideology. So, for example, in the USSR, you can bring the democrats to power, and in Germany, to establish a communist regime with the help of national tricks. The game focuses not only on combat but also on the economic component, the construction of factories, plants, and infrastructure that will meet the requirements of the front.

Battles in Hearts of Iron 4 differ from typical strategies and rely on many factors, such as attack and defense strength, armor, breakout power, share of infantry and equipment, air support, and so on. The battle for each region in multiplayer, if two experienced players are facing each other, can last for hours, and wars stretch over several days of real time.


It’s quite an old game that came out back in 2006. But its graphics are still not outdated because Defcon is a world map in a minimalist style. The player takes on the role of a general of one of the sides – North America, South America, Europe, the USSR, Africa, or Asia.

In this strategy game, players first build infrastructure in the form of air defenses, airfields, and radars, as well as aircraft and fleets, but do not engage in combat. The conflict gradually escalates, and the sides move into active combat. Once the Defcon 1 readiness scale is reached, players are allowed to use nuclear missiles.

The only way to win is to destroy all enemy missile silos before they destroy yours. The main task is to survive with minimal civilian casualties.

Defcon shows the horror of nuclear war and the fact that there are no winners in such a conflict. Even after winning a match, the player may notice that most of his cities are in ruins and the population has been reduced by millions. The dark interface, disturbing soundtrack, and oppressive ambient complete the picture.


This tactical shooter has received positive reviews from critics and gamers for its realism and scale. Two opposing factions with a total of up to a hundred people participate in a single match, each divided into smaller squads with a maximum of nine players. Each squad consists of separate classes, such as gunners, combat engineers, anti-tank specialists, and medics.

The unit is led by one commander, who can communicate with other leaders and build firing points, defensive structures, as well as coordinate the teams. 

Squad is more designed not for bright dynamic battles but for the tactical component, thinking through strategies that will help inflict maximum damage on the enemy with minimal losses. All as in the real combat operations.

Sudden Strike 4

In 2017, the fourth part of Sudden Strike was released, which was quite warmly received by players. In this strategy, the player commands the troops of the USSR, Germany, or the Allies. Over a hundred combat units are available in more than twenty single-player or multiplayer scenarios.

Sudden Strike 4 reliably shows the battles, and without the stereotypes that are often found in AAA-projects. Equipment has an elaborate system of damage, thanks to which the intensity of the battle is well felt. At the same time, unlike many strategies, the gameplay is simple enough, which does not require the player to have graduated from the military academy.

Not without its disadvantages, such as the lack of engineering troops and the need for micromanagement, distracting from the battles. But in general, players note the fascinating and varied gameplay using different tactics.

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