Motherbridge Review: Wasted Utopia

Rocco Sansone Earth is a fascinating place. There’s a lot this planet offers to anything living on it and humans have a way of trying to destroy it. Of course, stories about environmentalism tend to be  low quality. Case in point, “Motherbridge”  by George Mann with artist Aleta Vidal.

In a post utopian world where a being that helped create this utopia called the “World Mother” has gone silent for twenty years. Hayley Wells, a woman who is cast out of society into the ruins of the previous world, joins forces with other outcasts to reawaken the “World Mother” and bring back the utopia.
On the surface it sounds like an OK plot, but once you read the comic it all falls apart. The characters aren’t well developed or likeable at all. They have little personality and Mann does little to make the reader care about these characters or the plot. The villains are the cliché evil government who wants to destroy the planet. While environmentalism is important, this comes off as annoying as an episode of “Captain Planet.”  

The only thing of any quality here is the artwork. While the characters aren’t anything to write home about, the backgrounds that have any inch of nature on it is fabulous. If it looks like a plant or flower, it’s worth looking at. There are even panels that are connected with plants which is a nice touch. Any other background is boring to look at. While that may be the point, it hurts the comic more than helps.

The beautiful plants and flowers that cover the comic isn’t enough to save this comic from itself. The characters are dull and the story so underwhelming that it’ll make anyone want to watch an episode of “Captain Planet.” Environmental messages are important but people hate them because it comes off as too preachy and any story with said message is either ignored or laughed at because of poor writing. 

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