NXT UK Power Rankings: Devlin Departs

NXT UK’s 200th episode just so happened to coincide with my daughter’s birthday so this day was a celebration all around! Happy Birthday to both my favorite person and favorite brand! 

Honorable Mention: Jordan Devlin. For the career he’s had on UK and the way he’s grown on me over time Devlin gets an honorable mention in his last NXT UK match. 

5. Damon Kemp. Kemp said it’s not his fault Sha wasn’t a hit with the ladies. He didn’t come to the UK to meet the Queen, sip tea or eat crumpets. He came to learn the nitty gritty British style and he doesn’t like Sha’s odds against him because he’s more dangerous than he’s ever been. 

4. Ivy Nile. Nile rolled through Nina Samuels with a Natural Selection like flipping reverse DDT from the 2nd rope followed by a standing Dragon Sleeper with her hands locked behind her. Nile just looks like a star and she’s doing some cool moves. With time she can be a major player in the women’s division on any brand. 

3. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter. The Hottest Tag Team under the sun beat the Coffey brothers thanks to Joe not wanting to tag out and being selfish. This was a really fun opener and Smith and Carter got the win with the assisted moonsault on Joe to advance to their 3rd crack at Moustache Mountain, this time in a triple threat match. The real story here was Joe being stubborn and later in the night he told the camera man that he needed to take time off and be a better big brother because he let Mark down. 

2. Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz. These 2 were comedy gold tonight! They had a sit-down meeting with an old film filter over it and stereotypical mafia movie music playing over them at a warehouse Mastiff dubbed a “beautiful place” arranged by “Cousin Tony” Mastiff wanted to talk about family business but suggested pouring one out for those who were no longer with them and they did so in honor of “Big Fat Paulie” Starz asked if he wanted food and Mastiff asked what they had. Jack said “Burgers, chicken burgers, pizza, kabobs” to which Mastiff replied “Yeah I’ll have that” Starz asked Mastiff and Charlie Dempsey (A cut-out of Charlie Dempsey’s face on a mop) if they wanted dessert and then told the person on the phone Don’t ring the bell! Because if you do you will get clipped!” before telling Dave “4 in 1 burger sends their regards!” Jack revealed some donuts and asked what the eye sees. Mastiff held a donut up to his eye and said “The eye sees a pair of plunkers who are going to get a beating!” This was just a top tier parody of Die Famile. 

1. Ilja Dragunov. Unbesiegbar will wake up Friday morning sore but on day 264 of his reign as NXT UK Champion thanks to a narrow victory over Jordan Devlin. Dragunov fought through a mangled neck after Devlin hit a vicious middle rope brainbuster that sent Dragunov crashing into the turnbuckle and then the floor. Devlin countered Dragunov attempting a 619 lariat into a standing Spanish Fly. Then he grabbed a single leg crab and stomped on Ilja’s head. Dragunov fought back and nailed an Ode to Constantine lariat for 2. Devlin then crotched Dragunov in the corner and followed up with a kick to the back of the neck off the ring apron, then a reverse cutter from the apron inside to Dragunov for just 2 again. Ilja then hit a second rope suplex followed immediately by a falling forearm for a 2 count of his own. He then tried the FKA Torpedo Moscow but Devlin missed sending him head first into the corner. The Irish Ace nailed the Devlin Side for 3 but Ilja got 1 foot on the rope as the ref’s hand hit the 3 and despite Devlin’s music playing and him being handed the belt Johnny Saint came down to restart the match. There was then a headbutt exchange that was followed up by Devlin reversing a Torpedo Moscow into a Canadian Destroyer, then a brainbuster but still just 2! Devlin tried to seal the deal with a 450 but Ilja rolled out of the way. Devlin tried to lift the champ for a Devlin Side but Ilja got behind him and hit a release German Suplex followed by a FKA Torpedo Moscow for the win! This was the closest he’s come to losing the belt but for holding on and vanquishing Devlin from NXT UK he gets the #1 spot. 

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