Review Fix Exclusive: Dru Cutler Talks Vibrate And More

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Dru Cutler, who breaks down his new single, “Vibrate” and so much more. 

About Dru Cutler:

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Dru Cutler crafts a love letter to human connection on his new single, “Vibrate,” out May 19, 2022. Multi-instrumentalist, and singer, Dru Cutler is known in the Brooklyn music scene as the co-founder of the award-winning venue, Unit J, in Bushwick. But fans also know him as an inspiring musician and songwriter. He’s worked alongside Grammy-winning producers such as Dave McNair (Bob Dylan, David Bowie), Scott Lehrer (Philip Glass, Rufus Wainwright), and Andy Taub (Norah Jones, Ani DeFranco) and helped to organize the Brooklyn Museum’s sold-out “Night of 1,000 Bowies.” His influences are far and wide — stylistically, he enjoys merging the past and present in the form of what he’s coined “digital nostalgia.” That unique style is mirrored in spades on his new single, “Vibrate.”

Review Fix: What inspired Vibrate?

Dru Cutler: The last few years have shown us that there’s really no simple way to pass energy through the screen, the phone, or the camera.

When I wrote this track, I wasn’t sure exactly what it was about. But over time the message became clear: Sometimes you just need to hug another human being. 

Review Fix: Are you a better musician because of the pandemic?

Cutler: Well, in some ways probably not because I wasn’t able to play in from of crowds as much. 

But in other ways, yes. I was able to spend a lotta time in the studio alone, and I learned what it feels like to trust my gut. You know? Follow my instincts. I turned up the volume of my inner voice, which is really helpful for any artist. 

Review Fix: What singers have influenced you the most?

Cutler: My first CD was Prince’s “Diamonds and Pearls” which blew my teenage mind. 

I love great melodies, so I’m huge fan of Björk, Thom Yorke, and André 3000.

As a baritone myself, I learned a lot from Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, and Tom Waits. 

Review Fix: What has inspired you the most and is not musically related?

Cutler: I’ve always been inspired by shapes and colors and all types of art, and I started drawing when I was two or three years old. 

I recently visited Mark Rothko’s chapel in Houston, Texas. I sat in front of those incredible paintings in silence for an hour. It was a meditative experience. I think music deserves more breathing space like that. 

Review Fix: What are some lyrics on this track that stand out the most for you?

Cutler: “We share a wine over the line. Somehow I still feel alone”

Over the past few years, we’ve all tried to connect digitally in every possible way, but nothing really seems to compare to a physical connection. This lyric seems to sum up those feelings in a simple way. 

Review Fix: What is the Brooklyn music scene like? How has it made you, you?

Cutler: I love living in Bushwick. There’s a culture here of “if you can dream it, you can do it”. People don’t wait around for a blessing. Ya know? 

Over the last ten years, we’ve converted our industrial loft into a music space. We’ve hosted hundreds of shows. I’ve built a strong group of friends and artists here. It’s a second family for me. 

Review Fix: What does this song do that others you’ve done haven’t?

Cutler: It’s really simple. There’s only a few chords. A few changes. A few ideas. I was searching for music that was “healing” for me, and that happened by shaving the sound down to its essential parts. 

Review Fix: What’s next?

Cutler: Got a few cool things lined up: 

Music Video – I’ve collaborated with an incredible team (Trick Pony) to create a very “floaty” and visually stunning music video for this song. 

Songwriter Series – I’m hosing a songwriter series at my loft ( in Bushwick. It’s a very intimate way to get to hear a handful of NYC-based songwriters and storytellers. 

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Cutler: My music can be found on all the streaming platforms. Follow me there for updates.

Also, try not to chew with your mouth open. :)

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