Comic Book Minute With Josh Onimus: Savage Dragon #1

Cover Artists: Erik Larsen, Reuben Rude Writer: Erik Larsen Penciler: Erik Larsen Inker: Erik Larsen Colourists: Xan Micka, Steve Oliff, Reuben Rude Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos Welcome back, folks! I’m always up for covering an Image comic, especially of those early 90’s days. One of only two original founders’ creations still in publication and the only one still solely written and illustrated by its sole creator, Erik Larsen. A little background….The Savage Dragon is a fictional superhero taking place in the Image Universe. The comic features the adventures of a superheroic police officer named the Dragon. The character first appeared as the Dragon in Graphic Fantasy #1 (June 1982) and first appeared as the “Savage Dragon” in Megaton #3 (February 1986). We take a look at his Image debut and Erik’s admirable position in the industry to keep the story going of comics’ longest-running Chicago Police Detective hero going dispite the changes in the medium in three decades. Lets take a look at where he took him to publication in the mainstream for the very first time! Thanks for tuning in! Enjoy!

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