Movies You Didn’t Know were Based on Video Games

Gaming is a multibillion Dollar industry and continues to grow at a rapid pace. With video game studios developing games for multiple consoles, smart phones and other devices, the number of gamers across the globe has increased significantly. It is a major reason why many film studios have made movies based on various video games and took advantage of their popularity.

While video game T.V shows and movies are more popular than ever these days, their ties have existed a lot longer than many people realize. There have been fantastic and some not-so-fantastic video game movie releases over the last decade. Also, while video game movie reviews tend to be quite mixed, studios still realize that they can earn massive revenues by adapting renowned game franchises. 

With all that said, let us look at some movies you did not know where based on video games.


The Hitman movie released in 2007 received rave reviews and made a decent amount of money. However, not many people were aware that this movie was based on a video game. Hitmanvideo games have been quite popular since the early 2000s and are still going strong. The 2007 movie starred renowned actors like Timothy Olyphant and Robert Knepper. While there was plenty of action in the movie, its plot revolving a political conspiracy is what really got the audience’s attention. It also showed that the studio took the adaptation seriously and not as just a quick cash grab. Many thought that the Hitman movie released in 2007 would have sequels, but that was not the case. 

However, with film and TV show adaptation of video games running rampant these days, there could be a Hitman movie reboot just around the corner.


Few video game franchises gain enough success to spawn a 2 hour long movie. Well, Uncharted did just that. This is arguably Naughty Dog Studio’s best game out there and has four parts in total, including the spinoff named “Lost Legacy”. The Uncharted movie was released only a few months back and made massive money in the box office. Believe it or not, this movie helped introduced the gaming franchise to many kids and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Sony Studios releasing a few sequels and spinoffs in the coming years. 


Predator is arguably the most beloved action movies of all time and it starred Hollywood A-listers like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers. The movie starts with the protagonist going for a jungle-based mission and eventually introduces Aliens. This plot was inspired from a famous video game from Konami called Contra. Unlike the other movies mentioned in this piece, Predator is not a direct adaptation, but it’s easy to see where the writers got their inspiration from. 

Werewolves Within

Werewolves within was a movie that released in 2021 and received high praise from the audience for its blend of horror and comedy. The movie also did surprisingly well at the box office, making over $941,000 against a budget of $6.5 million. That said, not many people knew that this movie was based on a video game. Ubisoft, the publisher of this game, released it in 2016 for the Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

While this strategy RPG game might have gone under the radar a little bit, it still has loads of fans and its movie adaptation only increased them. Check Poggers if you want to play console games like Werewolves within and immerse yourself in a world of adventure.

Final Thoughts

While there are plenty of other video game movies out there, the ones we discussed in this piece are some of the best. What’s more, many people may not be aware that these famous movies were video games initially. If you are in that boat, consider checking out the games yourself and find out what made these games into massive franchises.

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