Review Fix Exclusive: Davey Harris Talks PNGN DNCE And More

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Davey Harris, who discusses his new single, “PNGN DNCE” and more.

About Davey Harris:

Eclectic multi-instrumentalist, and accidental wizard, Davey Harris, brings sharp perspective to climate change with his new track , “PNGN DNCE,” due out June 16, 2022. Harris spent ten years performing with the band The Tins before breaking off to embark on his own solo career. His first singles “Self Saboteur” and “Predictable” garnered attention from critics and fans alike. His unique style reflects a desire to produce experimental sonic atmospheres amidst deeply internal messages. His new single “PNGN DNCE” was inspired by a conversation at SXSW with a friend who’d recently traveled to Antarctica. Watching the world melt in real time, and the effect it had on the life on the continent, put the dire need for change front of mind. Harris was immediately inspired to return to the studio to craft a message about the crumbling landscape, penguins, and our need for change.

Review Fix: How does one become an accidental multi-instrumentalist?

Davey Harris: One day I was walking near a drum kit and I fell into it. I liked how it sounded and that’s how I started playing the drums. On a different day, I was walking near some piano movers, and they dropped the piano right next to me from two stories up…I heard the sound it made and found it pleasant to my ears…

I am joking. I just try every instrument I can get my hands on…and before I know it I get pretty good at each of them—whatever the song needs.

Review Fix: What’s your background in music like?

Harris: My first instrument was piano—the only formal lessons I’ve had. I taught myself guitar, drums, bass and to sing.

Review Fix: How do you think your sound has evolved over the years?

Harris: I think I’m becoming more open as an artist which allows more potent and evocative music. Also, I give less shits the older I get.

Review Fix: What makes PNGN DNCE unique?

Harris: Who’s to say it’s unique?

Review Fix: What have you learned about yourself as a person and musician through it?

Harris: I learned that I’m a dynamic creative that finds inspiration in lots of places—even penguins.

Review Fix: Who do you think would like it the most?

Harris: This one’s for the whole family.

Review Fix: Why do you think it belongs on someone’s Summer playlist?

Harris: It’s more of a winter playlist song if you ask me. But then again…today’s winter could be tomorrow’s summer…if you get my drift…

Review Fix: What’s next for you?

Harris: More songs and more releases—I’m writing a lot of songs about animals.

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Harris: Go to sign up for the fan club. I’ve got a lot of cool music insights coming your way.

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