Review Fix Exclusive: Saundia Talks ‘The Remembering’ And More

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Saundia, who discusses her new single, “The Remembering” and more.

About Saundia:

First-Generation Armenian American musician SAUNDIA debuts her powerfully meditative new single “THE REMEMBERING” on June 3rd, 2022. Influenced by a range of genres from jazz, R&B, and funk, SAUNDIA began exploring music as a child, always encouraged by her immigrant parents to pursue her passion. From her beginning in the theater to attending Berklee College of Music, SAUNDIA found her groove in rhythmic style infused with incredible jazz-inspired vocals. After losing her voice in 2016 and navigating intense vocal therapy to recapture her singing ability, she wrote and recorded her debut EP. This project encompasses her journey of loss, rebirth, freedom, and empowerment.

“THE REMEMBERING” embodies the collective energy of creating your own reality through a funky rhythmic beat and SAUNDIA’s soaring layers of vocals. The track itself reflects on the systems built to oppress and disillusion us, constantly holding us back from the freedom of self-expression and the power to forge our own paths. Beneath her unique vocal progressions, Sanskrit chanting billows in the background, a hypnotic sound that lures listeners into a sense of calm and reflection. As the track transitions from beat-focused melodies to acapella chants about dismantling the systems around us, SAUNDIA’s voice finds its sweet spot, flying over the harmonic hum with pitch-perfect precision. Check out SAUNDIA’S single, “THE REMEMBERING,” out June 3rd, 2022.

Review Fix: How did vocal therapy change you?

Saundia: I had always identified with my singing voice, ever since I can remember. I’m one of those kids who sang before they could talk. So, losing my voice was an identity crisis, to say the least. I was struggling with chronic laryngitis for a year, and by the time I finally went to see a doctor about what was going on, my confidence had completely broken down. I couldn’t sing. I didn’t listen to music anymore because it would remind me that I no longer had a voice and send me into a depressive spiral. It was rippling out into all areas of my life. I didn’t recognize myself. Finally, I was diagnosed with nodules, and was told the best, most noninvasive way to get rid of them was to go on vocal rest for a full month. No singing, no speaking, nothing. People ask me if vocal rest was hard, but I always say not being able to sing for the entire year prior was MUCH harder. After coming off vocal rest, the nodules were gone but the chronic laryngitis persisted for almost 2 years. In part, it was because I had to completely re-learn how to use my voice, having gotten so used to singing around my vocal injury; but it was more than a physiological healing. It’s interesting to reflect on now, because I can see the connection between what was happening in my life at the time and what I was going through with my voice. I had to reclaim my power… particularly around relationships and learn to stand up for myself again. It sounds pretty cliche, but I really had to learn to love myself. Maybe for the first time. Once I really owned all that, my voice finally came back. Now I not only feel complete trust and freedom with my voice, but I also have a deep appreciation for the journey.  

Review Fix: What makes “The Remembering” special to you?

Saundia: “The Remembering” is a song about everyone. It’s a song for everyone. We have all, at some point or another, lost ourselves or given away our power. We have all been taught within systems and structures that are incredibly limiting and even oppressive. We also all have access to an incredible potential, to an unadulterated ability to create our reality. It is our nature and our RIGHT to harness it. This song is about remembering and reclaiming that. It’s also an invitation to tap into a boundless and collective consciousness. and to dance and sing while we do it. 

Review Fix: How do you want it to affect the world?

Saundia: I want people to feel activated and empowered. Even if they don’t listen to the lyrics, I want them to feel it through the layers of vocals chanting powerful and hypnotic mantras against the rhythmic beats. When people listen to this song they will know it, because the energy that is coming through it is one that is inside of them. So, the goal is to either awaken that energy, or to just feed it. 

Review Fix: If any other singer besides you could do it justice, who do you think it would be? Why?

Saundia: Well of course I’m going to say Beyonce because she is an absolute vocal beast and would nail every single stylization in this song. Her ability to play with all the colors of her voice, not to mention her iconic range, would take this song to the next level. In addition, her vocal production is always so spot on and I’m sure it’s inspired my writing and layered vocal arrangements.  

Review Fix: Next year at this time, where do you want this song to be?

Saundia: I want this song to be a go-to for people whenever they need an energetic release, or whenever they need to reconnect with their power. Or just when they want to dance. And I’d love to be performing it all over the world because I am really a performer at heart and being on stage is when I feel most authentic and alive.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Saundia: My second single will likely come out next month.. and it’s a song I am incredibly excited about. It’s a song that will resonate with so many listeners and tells a bit more of my own story in a vulnerable way. it’s called “Not The Same” and I can’t wait for the world to hear it. 

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Saundia: Come say hi to me on Social media! Instagram: @iamsaundia. I try to read and respond to all my commenters and would love to meet you all!

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