Izzy Outerspace – Caught Album Review: A Voice From The Heart

Music is a great way to express emotion. From anger, to sadness, to joy and excitement, you can always use its power to tell a great story. In the case of Caught, the latest offering by LA-based vocal powerhouse Izzy Outerspace, the singer sees her heart on display throughout. Starting with the title track, Caught wastes no time in bringing you into its world.

A soft, mysterious guitar makes way for a melodic and powerful voice. The vocal performance takes control from the first moment you hear “I got caught in your eyelids” and never lets go. The track is a bittersweet one, where the soft aesthetic makes the emotion hit hard as it’s delivered. Lines such as “how do we go on, with these feelings?” hit hard with emotional weight when delivered by the vocal punch and makes a good first impression for the album.

Metal Arms follows up Caught. The contemplative guitar has a decidedly distorted aesthetic, as if to make it sound like it’s coming through a radio in the background. The signature vocals of Izzy Outerspace make their presence known, but this track brings the power. Lines such as the chorus gives this track a personality all its own. This is especially true around the halfway mark when the instrumental performance comes into its own to support the vocals perfectly.

Just is another track whose guitar retains a soft aesthetic, but it stands out a bit in this track.  The powerful vocals show off another strong quality,  shown in lines such as “once more before you turn into smoke, I know it broke, I know it shook you,” showing off the robust nature of Izzy Outerspace’s voice. This flows nicely into the outro with a smooth sound, giving this track a unique quality that makes you want to listen to it again.

The End is another track worth noting, whose soft guitar is given a spacey quality when combined with a reverb effect to give it an air of mystery. The vocals in the track gives it a  melancholy edge, along with a huge instrumental reveal around the two minute mark. Lines such as “the constant fear makes we wanna disappear” are powerful and full of emotion. This is especially true after the track changes over and the percussion takes over, making this track feel like an emotional rollercoaster. When it all comes together, The End is a stand-out track.

Caught is an album with a defined personality. The ethereal vocals of Izzy Outerspace combine nicely with the choice of a contemplative, ambient rock aesthetic. From start to finish, Caught is a unique journey through the heart and mind of the artist that has many notable tracks to enjoy throughout. Tracks such as Warm Summer and The End keep the album feeling fresh while others such as Metal Arms and Coat have an emotional weight that’s hard to ignore. Those looking for a different take on an indie rock aesthetic won’t want to miss this release, but everyone looking for something unique should give Caught a listen.

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