Blood Oath #1 Review: A Great Idea

Prohibition was that happy time when the economy was “roaring” until it wasn’t and booze was illegal. Oh, and it saw the rise of the mob and there were tons of vampires. That’s according to a comic called “Blood Oath” by Rob Hart and Alex Segura with artists Joe Eisma and Hilary Jenkins.

In what is now called the Pleasant Plains neighborhood of Staten Island New York, 1927, Hazel Crenshaw is a normal farmer by day and by night she’s helping bootleggers store illegal alcohol in her barn. One day, while her sister Geraldine and her boyfriend Walt were out taking a walk they are attacked by vampires. Now Hazel has vampires to handle on top of federal agents and rival gangs. 

The plot is a nice idea. There aren’t enough vampire stories out there that take place during Prohibition. There’s a lot that can happen with that era but so far it’s just bootlegging. Of course, this is just the first issue, but what’s there is enough for any reader wanting to see what happens next. Hazel so far is a likeable character and the writers do a fine job of making the reader care about her plight. 

The art is Ok for the most part. The character designs and backgrounds are fine. The farm looks nice for what is presented. The only problems are that the lines used for both drawing and coloring characters are way too obvious and some facial expressions are odd. Also, one glaring mistake is in one panel a character is wearing a vest and in the next he isn’t 

“Blood Oath” has a nice idea that takes place in an era where supernatural creatures, even vampires, can be a great idea. There’s a lot to had here if the writers are creative enough. The art on the other hand isn’t anything too amazing with some mistakes that are obvious.

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