Frankenstein: New World #1 Review: A Decent Start

Over the years, Frankenstein has become part of the “Hellboy” universe in ways that are rarely done by anyone. Mike Mignola, along with writers Christopher Golden and Thomas Sniegoski and artist Peter Bergting, continue using this character in “Frankenstein: New World.”

Lilja is a young girl living in a village “beneath the surface” that is protected by a sleeping oracle. One day, this oracle (Frankenstein) wakes up and tells the villagers that he is needed on the surface. Lilja tags along despite the warnings of her villagers because she claims her brain was touched by the “Star Lady” who talks to her and gives her visions.  

It’s a decent first issue. It introduces the plot nicely and Frankenstein is introduced early. There’s not much the reader knows about Nilja except she sneaks into the temple where Frankenstein is and that she hears the Star Lady. In fact, there’s little that we know about anything in this village or even who these people are. There’s always room for more character building in future issues but for now it’s OK.  

The artwork is also OK. Lilja looks fine as does Frankenstein and the other human characters. The surface world looks nice and weird with crazy looking plant life and creatures. It is colorful and everything pops out at the reader On the other hand, the village looks underwhelming with drab colors but the room where Frankenstein is housed has this creepy vibe to it despite being just an altar and some lamps. 

The first issue of “Frankenstein: New World” has a decent start and decent art. Not much can be said about either. Both do their jobs properly of introducing the story, characters and what the world looks like. The rest of the comic may pick up but for now this story is underwhelming, even for “Frankenstein” fans.

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