NXT UK Power Rankings: Noam is Da Don

Am I still bitter about WWE spoiling the NXT UK Championship tournament? For sure. So here’s my lazily written penultimate NXT UK Power Rankings for a show that had basically nothing except what would have been 3 really interesting matches if this company hand’t spoiled the results. 

3. Trent Seven. He took down Oliver Carter by locking him in a figure-four and pouding on Carter’s bag leg forcing him to tap out.

2. Tyler Bate. Bate beat Joe Coffey by turning a dodged uppercut into a backslide for the pin to advance to the finals of the spoiled title tournament against Trent Seven.

1. Noam Dar. In round 3 Mark Coffey got the first fall by hitting Dar with his sliding forearm to the head. In round 4 Dar tied things up when he forced Mark to tap to a Champagne Super Kneebar. In round 6 Sha Samuels popped out of the crowd to send Coffey into the ringpost outside before Dar hit a Nova Roller for the win thus reclaiming the Heritage Cup he never should have lost and likely becoming the final Heritage Cup champion in the brand’s history.

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