Daisy HC Review: Cliche

One of the craziest stories in the bible is that humans used to live alongside giants who were the offspring of angels and humans. Comic writer and artist Colin Lorimer took that idea and created “Daisy” which sounds heavenly but it’s from hell.

Former police officer Lindsay Taylor is in a small rural town after getting a mysterious phone call that claims that her missing son is in this town. What she finds there is a cult lead by a giant named Daisy who says that she is the decedent of the biblical giants and that she holds the key to unlocking the “Language of Creation” that will save people like her from damnation. 

This comic is filled with a lot of biblical crazies that’ll make any sane person go insane. In fact, it’s a little hard to figure out if any of the magical stuff is real or is fake. On top of that, there isn’t anything special about the story. We’ve seen plenty of stories about cults that say they’re doing something “for the greater good” and it turns out the cult’s end goal is something sinister. This is something people have seen a million times in manga and in Japanese RPGs. The comic doesn’t even have any likeable characters. If it had that there wouldn’t be a problem but since the comic doesn’t do anything to make the reader like any of the characters, even Lindsay, it’s a relief when it’s all over. 

The only plus side is the artwork. The entire feel of the comic is that there is going to be a lot of evil creatures and characters that’ll look like something out of your nightmares. The character designs, especially Daisy and the angel Bezaliel, are amazing. Daisy is just as giant as you’d expect and she even has that look of something isn’t all that right with her. When we finally do see monsters they look like something H.P Lovecraft would think of. 

With a terrible, cliché and predictable story no amount of amazing art or crazy biblical monsters can save this comic from being regulated to the forgotten bargain bin of any comic book shop. It’s a shame since the premise sounded OK but the execution killed it.

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