The new Force order: A Star Wars podcast- Episode 166: Boyega Boycott

John Boyega is all over the place on multiple interviews this week. He won’t come back, he will come back if Daisy and Oscar do.. Make up your mind dude!! Either way the nFo doesn’t give a shit.  We talk about the new comics and hit a few of Doc’s new toys. GGP makes obscure pop culture references only he knows and we fumble through some shitty lists. Rian Johnson reflects on the Last Jedi’s 5-year anniversary. And Tony Gilroy sounds off on Andor. Who’s more over pits two rebel heroines against each other. Jyn Erso and Tala Durith square off in a battle of the bad broads. Who’s more over and why! All this and more on this weeks nFo episode!  

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