Hellboy in Love #1 Review: Too Disney Channel

Hellboy has been around long enough to experience a whole host of things. One of these things that have only really been explored in the movies is Hellboy in a romantic relationship with someone. Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden have tried to put this plot point to another test in “Hellboy in Love” with artists Matt Smith and Chris O’Halloran.

In Northern England, Hellboy and Dr. Anastacia Bransfield, an archaeologist and researcher, are transporting valuable artifacts when they are attacked on the train they’re on by goblins who steal the briefcase containing the artifacts. Now they have to find these goblins and get them back.

The plot is decent enough. The goblins being a bunch of wild thieves is true to legend. The Only downside is the flirting that happens between Hellboy and Anastacia. It comes off as out of nowhere and forced. If this is what Mignola and Golden had in mind for “in love” then these flirts should have been relegated to some “Disney Channel” sitcom. The romance in the movies are leagues better and more believable than here. At least there we get to see Hellboy sing “Can’t Smile Without You” while drinking a few beers with Abe.

The art is decent enough. Not as top quality as some of the recent issues of “Hellboy” or “Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.” but nothing to be upset about. The goblin designs look just the ugly little buggers that anyone want to punch with a giant red fist that many people think of when they think goblin. Oh, and they’re small which, again, true to legend.

The basic plot of “Hellboy in Love” is decent and could be fun if only the “In Love” part gets taken out. Juvenile, “Disney Channel” flirting is what kills the romance in this comic. The artwork may not be up the standards of recent stories, but it still has a few bright spots.

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