The Art of DuckTales Review: Awesome Fan Service

Life is like a hurricane in Duckburg no matter what version you see it in. The reboot of “DuckTales” has ignited a new flame for the series. One of the things that came about this new found fame is an artbook published by “Dark Horse” that even has input from the cast and crew.

This artbook is like it says on the cover, but it also showcases rough drafts, backgrounds for what the staff had in mind for the characters/backgrounds and even some behind the scenes knowledge of the episodes. Because of this, expect to see a ton of technical aspects of the drawing process and not just the finished product (shapes, inking, proper beak proportions, etc.) That is a smart idea on the crew because there are plenty of people who are interested in the technical side of animation.  

The book also has chapter of the main characters talking about the design, character backgrounds, personalities, etc. Just like with the art, it’s technical stuff. As a bonus, the characters’ voice actors also give their insights on not just the script but the characters they’re playing. It’s always a nice touch to hear what the voice actor has to say about the character and them playing the character. 

One crazy thing the book does is it goes through every episode of the show. Yes, all 69 episodes get their own section in the book. Again, it’s mostly behind the scenes stuff and the technical aspects of animation. Beside that, it’s great that the staff decided to talk about each individual episode. Of course, there isn’t a lot to talk about in each episode, but that can be forgiven given that they want you to see the episodes and the sheer number of episodes prevents them from going beyond basic knowledge. 

“The Art of DuckTales” may be a bit too technical and behind the scenes for some people, but it is still worth taking a look at if you’re fan and just want to look at the artwork and not go too behind the scenes with the show.

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