The Roadie #1 Review: Demons Everywhere

Being a roadie sounds like a glamorous job since you think you’re going to be around big name bands. Sadly, the reality is much less glamorous. Of course, things can be better if you or the band has the power to slay demons. That’s the basic plot for Tim Seeley’s “The Roadie” with artists Fran Galan and El Torres.

Joe D. is the most in-demand roadie on the planet. He’s also a former demon fighter who uses bands to summon demons. He finds out that he has to save his estranged daughter who is being targeted by demons. 

This plot sounds like it could be a crazy ride with demons and loud rock music, which is what the comic gives the reader but not in an entertaining way. Joe isn’t an interesting character at all to the point where he comes off as too basic even with the background in dealing with demons. The majority of the comic is the concerts of Joe’s current gig with “ Mass Acre” (yes, that’s the name of the band.) While the idea of seeing actual demons being summoned at the show, it’s not done in an interesting manner. Joe’s daughter is also a bland character that’s more of a caricature than an actual character. 

The artwork is the only interesting thing in the comic. The character designs are clever enough and the colors used throughout the comic is creative with panels being mostly white with blue and black tints and others orange with black tints. It sounds weird but it looks nice. 

The only problem with the art is that it’s used for such a dull and uninspiring story with flat characters. There is a crazy story here than can be utilized with the whole demons thing but so far Seeley has failed to write a comic that would make anyone want to continue with the story even if it has demons, sex, rock music, booze and hot naked succubi.

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