Brian Field – Vocal Works Album Review: A Symphony of Inspiration

Classically-composed music is considered to be a form of high art. Artists such as Beehthoven and Mozart are still held in high regard today. Though these names have titanic importance in the world of music, the genre has nowhere near the recognition today that it once held, especially outside of a cinematic context. This makes Brian Fields’ vocal works album one that must be heard to experience the inspirational musicianship and beautifully-crafted compositions that can transport you to another world.

3 Canciones de Amor is a three-part arrangement that sets the mood of the album. The intro instantly instills a feeling of creeping mischief, characterized by dynamic cellos that cradle the emerging instrumentals as they make their presence known. The vocal performance is powerful from the start, with explosive power that is propped up perfectly by the beautiful composition of the track. The track takes you on an adventure that is masterfully guided, to the point where the instrumentals alone take you by the hand and whisk you away the moment you let them. The tension builds, comes to an exciting climax and while it never really dissipates, the conclusion is definitive and feels satisfying. 

The next part starts with an instantly gripping feeling of tension, with a host of impactful sounds to create a mood that is instantly palpable. The vocals mirror this, providing an amazing vocal range that is expertly propped up by the dynamic instrumentals. The captivating vocals take lead on a journey that is full of emotions that hits hard just before the two-minute mark and builds until the very end. Hints of whimsy from the flutes build into a lingering drama in the outro, that leaves you with hints of mystery before its conclusion. The track is full of gripping moments that transport you to another world if let them and repeat listens only add to the magic the track creates.

The final part’s intro creates an atmosphere of awakening, as to create an inspirational feeling of emergence. The breathtaking performance of the string instruments props up the incredible vocal performance, creating a feeling of majesty for the listener. The performance is an emotional one, the music moves you with the depth of the composition, which allows the symphony to take your mind away with the incredible music it makes.

Let’s Build A Wall! (An American Satire) follows 3 Canciones de Amor. The intro creates an inspirational feeling with moving flutes and smooth violins, before breaking into a grin-inducing vocal performance. Lines such as “America’s big melting pot, but we’re doing fine with the ones we got, build a wall!” Are propped up perfectly by whimsical instrumental compositions that evoke a sense of tranquility and serenity. The composition’s bright and sunny aesthetic fits perfectly with the witty lyrics that are delivered with a strong voice that serves as the perfect guide through the track. The trip that Build A Wall brings you on is a fun one that, while rooted firmly in the politics of today, has plenty of funny moments that are sure to bring a few laughs.

Let the Light Shine on Me is another stand-out track, with a lovely intro from a vocal chorus, the gospel influence is showcased front and center. The subtle instrumentals allow the powerful vocals shine and solidify a sanctimonious mood for the track. Each vocal solo injects a powerful new sense of soul and personality into the track, which builds upon one another to create an incredibly moving and emotional track. It’s a bright and optimistic track that’s rooted in hope, which is full of inspirational lines such as “though the world may have troubles, and salvation hard to see, I keep my heart wide open, let the light shine on me.” 

This album of vocal works by Brian Field is not one to be ignored. The tracklist offers a multicultural adventure to the listener, full of eclectic songs filled with emotional and powerful vocal performances. The instrumental arrangements are beautiful and effortlessly create a mood at the beginning of each track before it moves you along the journey it has for you. This album is the perfect choice for a sophisticated atmosphere, or if you’re looking for an inspirational and contemplative listen, but anyone who has a passing interest in classical composition should not ignore this album. 

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