D2UR – Live Again Single Review: Full of Life

Sometimes, change can hit in unexpected ways. Derailing yourself from a day to day routine can be killer, especially when your work is a collaborative effort. During the Covid 19 pandemic, this was the tough reality for the band D2UR and the sentiment is strong in their latest single, Live Again. This rock-fueled story is one of positivity and pushing through tough times for the sake of others and yourself, inspired by an idea from some salvaged lyrics. 

The bass drums kicks like a heartbeat while the strums of the guitar strings hit each note with grace. The vocal power also hits immediately, with a hint of longing when the singer hits lines such as “nothing’s fair, everybody stares, thinkin’ differently.” This is all before the instrumentals kick into high gear and the track begins proper, as the heavy-hitting riffs and kicked-up percussion electrify the track and bring it to life. The simple intro, however, is the perfect setup for what follows. 

The beat keeps your head moving, that is if it doesn’t lift you out of your seat with its energy. The bass also has an impressive groove that moves beneath the drums, coming alive right before rippin’ guitar solo at around the 2 and a half minute mark. The energy the track gives off matches up with it lyrically as well. By the time the first chorus hits, you’ll be singing along.

It’s impossible to not sing along with the catchy chorus every time you hear “unleash yourself!” It holds on to an air of positivity and reinvigoration, which lets lines such as ” a lot of pain, where it’s open, and the road goes on forever” hit hard and tell a story pushing through it all and the powerful feeling that follows. That feeling is perfectly captured in the outro, especially following the stellar solo.

Live Again is a fun, energetic track that keeps its upbeat flow and personality through the entire listen. What starts as a small but hard-hitting beat soon explodes into something that’s easy to get up and rock out to. The Americana flavor absolutely oozes from every hit of the drums and each time the guitar riff rambles, while there are plenty of layers underneath such as the excellent bass groove. Tied together with an excellent guitar solo, Live Again is worth a listen for any Americana fan.

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