Double Walker Review: Creepy and Awesome

Scotland is a beautiful country with plenty to see for any tourist. Of course, Scotland also has a lot of myths about creatures who kill and eat humans. Comic writer Michael W. Conrad uses Scotland as the setting and Fae Folk as a plot device in “Double Walker” with artist Noah Bailey.   

Cully and Gemma decided to take a trip to Loch Ness and see everything there. While climbing a peak that locals say was an old man who died and his body was eaten by the Fae Folk Gemma, who’s pregnant, passes out and loses her child. This starts a string of murders where the locals think either Cully or Gemma is a Changeling.

We the reader have a good idea who did it but Conrad does try to make it seem like Gemma is the murderer and also make it seem like Cully is the murderer but thinks it’s Gemma. While that sounds like a typical whodunnit plot, the main story is more about the crumbling relationship between Cully and Gemma. As the comic goes on their relationship gets worse and the reader starts to expect that maybe one of them will kill the other. Again, this is one of those stories that has a basic plot but the way the plot is told is what makes it interesting.

Bailey does a fine job of making this comic look creepy. Bailey uses different dark shades to give this comic an eerie feeling that makes the reader uncomfortable. The characters all have these weird faces and tiny button eyes that make them look creepier than normal. It’s one of those weird design choices that you’re either OK with or you can’t look at it for too long.

“Double Walker” takes a well-known premise, adds Scotland and the Fae Folk and makes a horror comic that is worth reading. Though not that scary, that part belongs to the art, it’s more about the tension between the two protagonists that makes it worthwhile.

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