The Gimmick #1 Review: Going Somewhere

Pro Wrestling is a big spectacle between a bunch of men (and sometimes women) who play larger-than-life characters that are almost superhuman. Comic book writer Joanne Starer and artist Elena Gogou run with this idea in one of the newest “Ahoy Comics” stories “The Gimmick.”

PWF champion Shane Bryant is just your typical pro wrestling champion. That is, until one day he punches one of his opponents in the face so hard it explodes. This reveals that he has superpowers and is now on the run to Mexico where he’s trying to start a new life.

On paper, this sounds like it would be an outrageous and hilarious plot. In practice, it’s subdued and played straight with little hilarity going on. In fact, the comic makes this seem like a normal thing with Bryant escaping to Mexico with another wrestler and the cops are trying to find him. It’s not a terrible comic, but it feels like there should be more to this ridiculous story that should make the reader die of laughter.   

The artwork is OK. There isn’t anything major to note or terrible about it. The character designs and backgrounds are fine for this type of story.

There are also two short stories in this issue. The first is “A Brief Interview with a Playwright Robot” by Kevin Credo about, well, an interview with a playwright robot. It’s exactly like how you imagine it. The other is “Above It” by Kirk Vanderbeek about a boy who, while being held underwater by his dad, recounts a bunch of terrible memories he has. It has a dark ending.

The first issue of “The Gimmick” gives readers an insane plot that is played straight and OK art. While not terrible, the next few issues do leave plenty of room for improvement.

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