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Welcome to the West Side

December 26, 2010 Raya Dimitrova 0

Co-directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins (who is also the choreographer), this big-screen adaptation of the 1957 Broadway musical “West Side Story” explores the […]

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A Super Indie

December 9, 2010 Raya Dimitrova 0

For the majority of movie plots, it takes days or even years to present a simple event, idea, or theme. For the 2002’s indie film […]

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You Know You Want It

October 11, 2010 Raya Dimitrova 0

If you cross Nabokov’s scandalous 1950’s masterpiece “Lolita” with Sophocles’ psychoanalytically driven play “Electra” and translate into modern terms, the hybrid will be 1967’s film […]

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A Day in the Life

December 8, 2009 Raya Dimitrova 0

To the chagrin and dismay of the Razzies (the Academy Awards antithesis) critics, Scottish director Michael Caton-Jones proves his talent at adapting books to the […]