Review Fix Ponders the Identity of the Aces & Eights Leader

For over six months the Aces & Eights have run rampant in TNA. With their leader still unexposed, Review Fix throws out some possibilities. Who could the group’s leader be?

Eric Young: Aside from ODB making an excellent “Old Lady,” this could give Young a chance to flex his heel muscles. One of the best workers in the company, Young deserves a real opportunity on the microphone and in the ring. This could be his way to make a real mark in the company.

AJ Styles: His last promo was an irate one. Sick of being the company’s poster boy, Styles could come back as a heel. If he gets better on the microphone and grows in a beard, it could work, but it wouldn’t be a perfect fit.

Eric Bischoff: All the conspiracy theorists have played the distorted voice promos of the group’s leader. They are undoubtedly the voice of Bischoff. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. But Bischoff’s son, Garrett, is also in the group. Could this be a family reunion?

Jeff Jarrett: The company’s poster boy heel for over five years, Jarrett could make a big time return as the leader of the group. Again, like Styles, this wouldn’t be a perfect fit. Jarrett may work better as a mid-level face to elevate youngsters at this point in his career, but this is TNA. Anything can happen.

Bully Ray: With Devon and Taz already in the group, this makes sense. Although Bully has been a solid face, he’s a much better heel. Plus, we’d love to see Brooke Hogan in leather.

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Patrick Hickey Jr.

Editor-in-Chief, Founder at Review Fix
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