Bargain Bin Gaming- Episode Five: LocoRoco

LocoRoco_CoverartLocoRoco can be found at Gamestop for  $17.99 and as low as $10.99 on

Combining classic 2D gameplay from games like “Marble Madness,” while taking a page or two from games like “Mercury” and “A Boy and His Blob,” LocoRoco is one PSP game that every gamer should play regardless of what their taste in games may be. Powered by colorful backgrounds, intuitive control and a fun and engaging story, LocoRoco is a blast to play.

Playing the role of the LocoRoco, gamers simply have to roll their little blob through beautifully colored environments [that will remind many old school gamers of Yoshi’s Island] trying not to get killed. Along the way, their blobs will get bigger, making certain obstacles harder to pass, forcing gamers to break their LocoRoco into smaller pieces and control them all at the same time.

Using the shoulder buttons on the PSP, gamers can turn the direction they want their LocoRoco to roll in and use the same buttons to make their friendly blob jump over surfaces and advance in the game.

Of course many will be turned off by a game with this type of premise, as it’s equally ridiculous as it is weird, but after a few minutes of gameplay, the game controls like second nature and that’s when the real fun begins.

Feeling a lot like the PS2 super hit “Katamari Damacy” at times, LocoRoco eventually engulfs gamers in its beautiful world with great music and plenty of challenge. The game is also helped significantly by remarkable loading times, making it a great game to play on a bus or train on your way to work or school.

The game also boasts a boatload of secrets and hard to find objects throughout each and every level, forcing gamers to replay the same level various times in order to finish the game completely.

Overall, even though some may be turned off by the cutesy aura that surrounds it, those who give LocoRoco a whole-hearted chance will be rewarded with not only sore fingers from its addictive gameplay, but one of the best games on the PSP.

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