Our Ten Best- Episode Five: Best X-Box 360 Games

screen14BOver the past few years, the X-Box 360 has quickly become one of the most intriguing video game systems ever. Allowing users to do more than just game it up, it has quickly become a staple in millions of homes around the world. Nevertheless, it’s still a machine used primarily to play games and for that reason, we offer to you a list of the best ten games currently available on the system.

10- Dead Rising- Inspired by George Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead,” “Dead Rising” takes the freedom of an open world experience from games like “Grand Theft Auto” and combines it with zombies and an intense challenge, creating one of the best entertaining and innovative gameplay adventures on the system. Ever killed a zombie with a guitar? Or a bench? Maybe a soccer or bowling ball? You can in “Dead Rising.” Because of that type of innovation, it’s a game that must be played.

9- Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution-
Simulation games are rarely known for their pick up and play ability, but this one is renowned for it. Simply put, if you don’t know the difference between Sim City and Spin City, you’ll be able to play and enjoy this title. With a host of legendary armies and world leaders in the game as well, you may learn something too.

8- Halo 3- Alright, you knew this had to make the list. Aside from all the hoop-la this game brings with it, it’s damn pretty, has solid control and an engaging story. It’s online features make it even more fun and arguably the best game in the series. That says a lot when its two older brothers helped pave the way for the genre’s advancement.

7- Rock Band- Simply put, the same way Halo reshaped the FPS genre, Rock Band did the same thing for music games. While the second release of the game offers slightly more options and is a bit more fleshed out, it didn’t rock the world the way its predecessor did. Allowing for the ultimate party experience, you haven’t lived if you haven’t played RB with three other friends at a party. Even more than two years after its release, thanks to a bevy of downloadable content, the game is as fresh as ever.

6- NHL 09- Without a doubt the best sports game to ever be released. Realistic, innovative, gorgeous and rich in gameplay features both online and locally, this game will make you love the sport, even if you despised it before hand. Combining the MMORPG world with sports, NHL 09’s “Be a Pro Mode” is the most original and enjoyable element of any sports game ever released.

5- Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare- Easily the most enjoyable historical shooter today. Add in the best online team multi-player on the 360 to date and it’s easy to see why the game made the list.

4- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion- One of the best looking games when it was originally released, “Oblivion” is still good-looking, but it has shown some age as of late. Nevertheless, the hours of gameplay it provides, mixed with a great story and tons of customization options and downloads, make it another game every RPG fan must try before they croak.

3- Gears of War- It’s like someone combined “Contra” and “Halo” making for a unique third person shooter that has to be considered one of the greatest games of all time. A charismatic main character, that seems to be taken from the pages of a Frank Miller graphic novel, helps add to the game’s huge appeal, but it’s the great shooting action that will keep you coming back for more.

2- Grand Theft Auto IV- Easily one of the best open environment games to ever be created. If that wasn’t enough, the game features hours of gameplay, an amazing soundtrack, excellent downloadable content and an ability to completely immerse you into its world. Despite its fun and crazy personality, you’ll still feel obligated to complete the missions and complete the game. You’ll even find yourself getting attached to the characters you come across in the game as well, no small task for any video game. Nevertheless, some of the best times in the game come from just driving around and wreaking havoc. Not a bad way to spend a night if you ask me.

1- Fallout 3- Why is Fallout 3 the best game on the 360? Easy. A full lineup of great downloadable content, an amazing story, excellent voice acting, great original music and a sense of belonging that isn’t supposed to be found in a video game. Being able to do whatever you want in a video game is a simply enough endeavor nowadays, but having to reap the rewards or deal with the consequences is the tough part. Not only does Fallout 3 accomplish this daunting task, it forces you to think about your actions and care. No easy task in real life, yet it’s done here.

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