You’ll Do More Than Survive in ‘Land of the Lost’

land_of_the_lost_posterA fun-filled ride with tons of laughter for the whole family, “Land of the Lost” compares to the classic television series of the same name and does not disappoint.

Be prepared to be brought to a place where you will experience a world that will have you feeling pure excitement. Running from dinosaurs and encountering other remarkable creatures is just a small sampling of what you’ll encounter from watching “Land of the Lost.”

It does, however, have its differences from the material it gains its inspiration from, though it hardly stays in the way of the fascinating journey undertaken.
Dr. Rick Marshall, a once famous, now disregarded paleontologist played by Will Ferrell, [“Old School,” “Blades of Glory”] is sucked back into time to a mysterious land along with his research assistant, Holly Cantrell, played by Anna Friel [“Pushing Daisies,” “Niagara Motel”] and a redneck survivalist, Will Stanton, played by the up and coming Danny McBride [“Pineapple Express,” Tropic Thunder”]. 
While stranded in time, they meet a primate named Chaka, played by Jorma Taccone [“Saturday Night Live,” “Extreme Movie”], who joins them on their wild and wacky adventure.
Their main objective is to find Marshall’s time machine and get back home, which caused them to travel back in time to the strange and archaic land in the first place.  
And this is precisely where the fun begins.
Ferrell, McBride and Friel each work magnificently together, bringing tons of laughs and joy to the big screen. Their humor may be adult-rated at times and a bit vulgar for children to take in, but they each share a characteristic that the adult viewer can relate to- foul language along with sexual gestures that  draw laughs.

Nonetheless, it’s never to the point where it borders on the grotesque, putting children in a situation to enjoy the film as well, with their parents telling them not to repeat some of the words they hear outside the theater.
Ferrell steals the show with his serious, but goofy style of comedy, taking a page from his previous films such as “Talladega Knights” and “Step Brothers” in which he displays a similar style of character. 
Ever wonder what Ricky Bobby or Jackie Moon would have been like in the prehistoric age?
That’s basically what we see here.
Despite the absence of versatility on Ferrell’s part,  it’s not a bad thing either.
“Land of The Lost ” is directed by Brad Silberling, also known for also directing “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.” He does a phenomenal job of creating in your face special effects with the T-Rex chase scenes and other creatures featured in the film. 
Those scenes alone make the adventure an enjoyable one.
So, if you enjoy adventure-filled comedies with nonstop laughs and cool action, grab the family and be prepared to enter “The Land of the Lost.”

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