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2750_wall_e_preview_image_1186184869Look out, Pierre Boulle. Pixar Animation Studios may have created a lighthearted, dystopian future comedy.

Yes: a comedy about  a disastrous future of our creation – and a fantastic one, at that.

While the notion of requited amour between two proprietors of artificial intelligence is not by any means an original concept, the execution of “WALL-E” was undoubtedly top-tier, gleaming with innovation and honesty.

The year is 2810 and Earth is overflowing with garbage – stacks of disposable items stand as skyscrapers on the desolate planet and one lone robot has been able to maintain his system well enough to function – the Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class – or simply WALL-E. His job is to clean the planet’s trash. العب بوكر

Throughout this daunting and seemingly futile task, WALL-E is aided by his pet cockroach as he searches the collective waste for useful memorabilia, forcing this particular robot to undergo a form of evolution. 1xbet casino

He learns to self-repair.

He decorates his hovel with various objects onto which he projects beauty.

He watches “Hello, Dolly!” and dreams of falling in love.

“Voiced” by Ben Burrt (Star Wars Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith), a famed sound designer, he communicates primarily through electronic intonation, but that doesn’t mean you won’t understand every word he says.

This delightfully predictable scenario comes to a head when a lovely feminized robot—EVE lands in his junk yard. As WALL-E attempts to romance EVE’s icy circuits, she fulfills her apparent directive and is subsequently whisked away to her home ship – the Axiom.

All things considered, the folks at Disney and Pixar must have had a lot of fun with that name.

So this is where the human race had migrated after the commercial downfall of mankind. On the 700th anniversary of their “five-year cruise,” man consists entirely of highly lethargic drones with apparent bone loss — a common disease affecting astronauts, spending their days hovering about in their chairs and drinking all meals from a cup.

Having spent their entire lives aboard this “self-evident” ship, its passengers are unaware of its pool and have never taken a single step, so engrossed are they in their electronic entertainment.

This is cerebral sci-fi on pixy-stix – a child-proof Isaac Asimov.

And in that innocent spirit, WALL-E simply engages his audience and charms them beyond repair. Bearing a striking resemblance to Johnny Five of “Short Circuit,” this adorable, bumbling automaton captivates through his keen curiosity and lovable heart.

His electronic paramour is voiced by the talents of Elissa Knight (Cars), providing a subtle touch of cold sophistication to the non-sentient pairing.

A human voice, Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm) provides the voice of the incompetent, but good-natured Captain B. McCrea of the Axiom. Useless and bored, McCrea’s only active task consists of announcing morning changes. As EVE fulfills her mysterious directive, he gradually becomes more enamored with life and finds his purpose – along with the guts to make a stand.

Along with WALL-E and several other robots aboard the Axiom, McCrea provides much of the comic relief within the computerized epic.

The film’s soundtrack served its purpose – to augment the emotional capacity of the scenes for which it is chosen. لعبة الروليت المجانيه

That being said: although it was largely original, the most memorable pieces were those of existing songs – many of which are from the “Hello, Dolly!” soundtrack. Louis Armstrong’s marvelous rendition of “La Vie en Rose” was particularly striking in its aptly placed moment.

Although hardly comparable to the masters of cyberpunk — futuristic sci-fi in which artificial intelligence evolves to a potentially cataclysmic extent, “WALL-E” achieves two goals that even adult-geared films seldom do: it forces us to think and it forces us to smile.

enablingSimply put- “Wall-E” is a trip. Not only because the animation and message is amazing, but because the film manages to get away with using sound effects rather than dialog for he first half of the film. However, throughout that entire process, you never feel out of the loop. Instead, you feel so at home with this little robot that you think he may even be real. Some of us may even want to go hangout with him and watch movies and go digging through garbage. Yes, he’s that cool. His pet cockroach is adorable as well and goes a long way of showing us just how human he really is. As a matter of fact, his quest for love isn’t too different than anyone else’s. That aspect too makes “Wall-E” extremely relate-able in spite of its out of this world setting.

Despite not being as laugh out loud funny as some other Pixar flicks over the years, “Wall-E” has a great blend of substance, wit, personality and fun to win even the harshest movie fan over.

-Patrick Hickey Jr.

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