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TruebloodintertitleEpisode Commentary: “Never Let Me Go”

Sure, it may not be the most action-packed episode of “True Blood” this season, but it does set the tone for what looks to be the most intriguing episode of the season next week.

Not only do we finally meet the infamous Godric, via a flashback scene that also reveals Eric’s vampiric origins, but several other storylines are fleshed out a bit more and are at the point of near-combustion.

Jason’s time with the Fellowship of the Sun is paid more attention to and continues to get spicier by the minute. Will he succumb to temptation? What does the future hold for him?

Spicy indeed.

The same thing goes for Tara’s relationship with Eggs and Mary Ann, which seems to have more trouble ahead than predicted. There is no doubt that Mary Ann has an immense power and her affect on Bon Temps has been hugely apparent since she arrived, but things feel as if they are about to get much worse if Tara doesn’t give in.

The fact alone that Mary Ann is able to alter the moods of her peers so much, in anyway she chooses, will in itself be an extremely effective plot device the rest of the season.

Speaking of giving into one’s wills, it looks as if Sam has found a partner in Daphne, due to the fact that they share a common bond unlike anything he’s ever experienced before. Can she be the one for him? Why hasn’t Sam asked her about the huge scar on her back that looks remarkably similar to the one Sookie received a few weeks ago? The answers to these questions seem to be on the brink of being discovered and because of that, the teasing nature of this episode makes it an extremely fun one.

If that wasn’t enough, several new characters are brought into the show in this episode, while a few familiar faces are also brought back into the fold. This alone continues the craziness that is “True Blood” and makes for some great television.

Again, it may not feature as much drama or sex as some of the other episodes this season, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great addition to the series. The fact that the show is able to deviate a bit from the things that made it so successful in order to advance the plot show how well-written the show is in the first place. With an immensely talented and sexy cast and the break-neck development continuing, the show looks to garner even more new viewers and cement its reputation as the best show on cable TV today.

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