No More Blue Balls: ‘Hung’ Has Arrived

Hung-HBOEpisode Commentary: The Pickle Jar

Even though it took a few episodes to reach its full potential, HBO’s “Hung” has finally hit the audience’s G-spot.

Again, while the show isn’t as obscene as it was originally thought to be, the dark humor and wit in the past few episodes more than make up for it, making it a hybrid comedy that is slowly carving its own niche on the network.

Much like last week, Tanya Skagle [Jane Adams] is trying to build up her “Happiness Consultants” or male gigolo business, with the good-looking, yet George Costanza-esque Ray Drecker [Thomas Jane] as her only John. However, Drecker gets a case of the flu after meeting his first “client,” played by the sweet, but larger and older Molly, [Margo Martindale ] who is sick and tired of her husband’s under-performing in the bedroom.

While it takes time for Drecker to come to grips with his new job and Molly’s needs, by the end of the episode, viewers see his transformation: He is now a professional male hooker and is happier because of it.

Thank you; now the show can be begin.

There’s more though.

If that all wasn’t enough, there’s still problems with the ex-wife and kids and at work for Drecker to deal with. Seeing him manage all of these concerns and teeter on the brink of insanity are a treat. The fact that he’s able to stay ahead of the curve, despite living in a tent, show a strength of character that make him incredibly easy to root for and equally as interesting. He’s also got a roof to fix on his parents burnt out home [that he doesn’t have the money to pay for] and it seems that his next-door neighbor’s wife may be a bit intrigued by him.

These developments alone should be be enough to create a more than ample episode next week.

In other developments, Drecker’s ex-wife, Jessica Haxon, played by Ann Heche, is going through her own problems and is slowly losing control of both her relationship with her children and her new husband. After weeks of earning the hate of the audience, due to her arrogance and lack of concern for her ex-husband, it’s fun to see her slow demise. It also shows that the writers had a reason for making her so revolting through the first few episodes of the series.

With all of these small stories encompassing the half hour show, it seems “Hung” has finally hit its mark and has enough provocative and steamy material to get through the next few weeks before going flaccid.

Let the show begin.

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