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graphic_00radioThe Planetary Group is a promotional company that features musical talent of varying styles on their website. Through video and audio tracks, they give listeners a chance to sample these artists’ work. The following are several audio tracks that showcase the multifaceted musicians that The Planetary Group is attempting to give a voice to.

“J.A.C.K.” – Dracula

The beginning of this song shows promise, but as it progresses you find yourself straining to hear the lyrics – which happen to be amazing. If this band toned down on the screeching, then it would be a sure bet for a soundtrack for shows such as “Supernatural.”

“Found” – Honor by August

With lyrics like “I’m raising my head, I’m taking a new look around/What now seems lost and fading/Surely can be found” you would think that this song is sending you on a trip to mediocrity – but no. Instead the driving drums and guitar playing makes these words insistent with a focused energy. It also makes the words succinct with the pulsing beat.

“Teeth” – Future Future

The syncopated synthesized beat combined with the high lilt in the lead vocalist’s voice disorients you at first. As you listen further the manic drum beating intensifies this track’s need to break out, which then slows back to the beginning. Then the song just stops which makes you want to immediately return to the track.

“Escaping Arkham” – Common Market

It’s too bad that the title is more interesting than the song that sounds like a weak demo by a fledging rap-soul group.

“Ninja High Schooooool” – Peelander Z

The beginning of this song shows promise with music reminiscent of the B-52’s “Rock Lobster.” However, heavy drumming and inane sounding lyrics makes this an unlistenable track.

“Don’t Wait Up” – Antennas Up

This sounds like the watered-down version to the Black Eyed Peas “Let’s Get it Started”. Buy that instead.

“Waiting” – On Ensemble

Soul II Soul in the late 80’s and early 90’s were a soulful group that expertly blended funk and smooth jazz sounds while incorporating an Afro-centric spin. Unfortunately this song only makes you remember Soul II Soul with fondness instead of purchasing anything from this group.

“Dry Drive” – Cinema, Cinema

This track needs work. With its over-handed drumming and out of place guitar playing, this song is trying to be too many things at once. The frustrating part is that you are too busy trying to figure out what the lyrics are supposed to be referring to; rather than enjoying them or appreciating the words for their social commentary. It’s also way too long.

“Spirit” – The Hundred Days

This song will remind you of the eighties in a good way. Similar to groups like Tears for Fears (“Mad World) and Duran Duran (“Reflex”), The Hundred Days takes the tradition of stylized music combined with catchy, yet deceptive lyrics (which seem to mock the melody) to make an unforgettable tune. If you want a twist with your nostalgia, then try this song.

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