Bargain Bin Gaming- Episode 18: Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee

psp-hot-shots-golf-open-teeSince it first appeared on the Playstation over ten years ago, Hot Shots Golf has been one of Sony’s most beloved franchises. “Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee” on the PSP continues the long line of successful games in the series by combining great gameplay with a charming cast of characters that creates an experience even non-golf fans will enjoy.

The key to the game’s success lies in it’s presentation; taking out the bells and whistles that keep many players not familiar with golf away, Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee’s simple control scheme takes seconds to learn and eventually rewards gamers with the rock-solid gameplay the series is known for that can’t be found on any other game on the PSP.

Also helping to bring non-golf fans to the table is the game’s unique create-a-character, which allows players to customize a character after unlocking items in the single player mode. It is here where players can unlock everything from corn-row haircuts to football jerseys for their character, giving them endless opportunities in making the character of their dreams.

However, unlocking costumes for your character is no simple task. Players have to defeat opponents in one on one matches and in tournaments with some having special stipulations, such as playing with an enlarged pin hole or receiving an extra stoke penalty for hitting the ball into a sand trap. While the tremendous amount of matches in the single-player mode may get tedious at times, it’s all in a gallant effort to make gamers work their way up the ladder.

The game’s quick loading time, online play and charming player models also add to the games playability, making the game the perfect companion for anyone that loves to play their PSP in short bursts, rather than hours at a time. However, with all the unlockables and different tasks in the game, gamers may find themselves glued to the PSP for quite some time playing it.

Overall, “Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee” offers a perfect combination of addictive gameplay and arcade style action that every PSP owner should give a chance. The replay options and create-a-character feature alone make it a must-buy, but the solid graphics and easy to learn controls make it the best golf game on the PSP.

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