Last Week in Free MP3s 9-28-09

jerry lee lewis“Lose Your Way” – Nicolay

This is an exceptionally boring song with nothing new to add to the music world. Instead of the slow-paced beat that runs for over three minutes, it would have been better if the last 11 seconds of the song was interwoven throughout. By doing this, the track would not sound like a monotonous hearing test. Skip it.

“Young Fights” – Amusement Parks on Fire

The guitar and piano gives this tune a moody tone that reminds you of lazing the day away in a hammock; then the loud clamoring kicks in – for nearly two minutes. What could have been a mellow track is ruined by the noise-fest at the end. What a sad waste of instruments and talent.

“Earthly Bodies” – J. Tillman

The vivid imagery that is laid out in the lyrics in tandem with the subtle use of guitar and tambourine make this one thought-provoking tune. It’s not earth shattering music, but it has its moments. And it’s free.

“Walking on a Dream (Exclusive Amazon MP3) – Gary Go

Inner reflection abound in this song as Go uses the constant refrain of doing things for the “thrill of it” to emphasize the self-destructive behavior that we as humans experience by various means. The melody works in companion to the lyrics, making a song that is worth listening to.

“Tequila Sundays” – The Maldives

This run-of-the-mill folk/rock song is the type of tune that is not intrusive to your own thoughts. It’s music to listen to when you don’t want empty silence in a room – and that’s a good thing.

“Begin the Engine” – Andrew W.K.

Crickets are the star of this track for 42 seconds. Then we hear the sound of an engine starting. It takes over a minute before you hear the piano – and it is well worth the wait. W.K. plays the piano with a raw, urgent need that makes this instrument hauntingly sexy. Every key is stroked with intensity. Get this before the-powers-that-be realize what they are giving away.

“Mean Old Man” – Jerry Lee Lewis

Lewis has lived this song. He’s been the “mean old man,” the “good ole man” and “the voodoo doll,” among other things. With harmonica, piano and guitar prominent in this hard-living track, Lewis is making the statement that he isn’t going anywhere – and he makes you like it. This “Mean Old Man” has still got it.

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