Diaries Beginning to Bite the Dust?

Vampire_Diaries_LogoEpisode Commentary: “Friday Night Bites”

Elena is finally seeing the bright side of life, Bonnie is getting bad vibes and Caroline has just woken up from her night with Damon. In the meantime, Stefan tries out for football. The scariest of these four scenarios is definitely football. And that history teacher is still lurking; not only that, he’s also the football coach. It makes you wonder why the show is focusing on him so much.

In the meantime, Caroline finally resurfaces. Apparently she and Damon are now an item and it’s Elena’s turn to get the heebie-jeebies.

Admittedly, most of the episode is slow and one wonders when is something going to happen. Damon taunting Stefan about Elena is getting old and the teenage angst of a nearly 200-year-old vampire is also tedious. During the dinner party that Elena inflicts on Bonnie and Stefan, Damon and Caroline come over and tension ensues. Perhaps now some revelation will occur, but no. Elena does connect with Damon, but this triangle is expected and it doesn’t add to the drama. It’s just more Damon being Damon. He makes his usual threat and then leaves in an anticlimactic fashion and through his vampire powers now begins to stalk Elena – yet another huge surprise.

It’s the night of the football game and Stefan becomes the great vampire hope. However, just before the game, he stops a fight between a heavily inebriated Jeremy and newly replaced wide-receiver Taylor. Blood is spilled and again nothing happens – until the final minutes of the episode.

The monster in Damon is reaffirmed, Stefan realizes that he must stop his brother and Elena is still confused by her dreams.

Although the final moments are shocking, it doesn’t seem to be enough to hold the viewer’s interest. If the next episode unfolds this slowly, then viewers will be looking elsewhere for their entertainment.

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