Mouthy Merc Maintains ‘Musing Mayhem

22_deadpool_vol__2“It’s time to get the killin’ done,” announces a beloved, spandex-clad loudmouth on the phone with a police negotiator while in the presence of a particularly delicious young woman.

Taken aback by her unexpected fear, the clueless Casanova attempts to ease the lady’s troubled heart, “Whoa, relax, okay? بينجو اون لاين I was just kidding! Yeah! Chicks love a guy with a sense of humor, right? Of course they do! If there’s one thing I know, it’s women.”

Although commonly perceived to be nothing more than a poor replica of DC’s Slade Wilson, Marvel Comics’ Deadpool – Wade Wilson – is in many ways an imitation that surpasses the original.

Playful, funny and morally ambiguous, the pages featuring the scarlet-clad mercenary lead to continued success for the financially crumbling company (Disney’s its latest savior), seemingly inciting a contest of wit within its potential writers.

It seems as though the Merc with a Mouth is the only character within the ranks of the House of Ideas with any right to be genuinely funny – on a regular basis.

Spidey has his moments and Iceman has been known to make a crack or two, but Deadpool consistently delivers loud, side-splitting laughter to the eager, multimedia-driven attention spans of his readers. شرح بوكر

And Daniel Way’s “Dark Reign” is no exception, collecting issues six and seven, as well as 10 through 12 of the new “Deadpool” series. العاب قمار كازينو

Recruited by Nick Fury to infiltrate the Skrull headquarters after their invasion of Earth, he suddenly finds himself hunted by the nefarious Tiger Shark – again.

It seems that erstwhile philanthropist, Mr. Norman Osborn, stole this valuable data from Deadpool and in an attempt to evade payment (or exposure), hired the sociopathic “amphiboid” to eliminate his debt, effectively cutting off his payment.

And, according to Way, “there’s no greater slight to a man’s professional honor than a freebie.”

That and a dorky sidekick named Bob, Agent of Hydra.

This hardcover collection also sees the Merc actively immersed in contemporary technology, through enlisting his services as a “gun for hire” on craigslist – and he certainly follows through on his e-assignment (think, high school kids, before next spreading a rumor that isn’t true); as well as a delightfully fashionable display to Osborn during an interview, bearing a cue-card behind glass, kindly embossed with the words “RESPAWN LOL.”

MMORPG fans, take heed: Deadpool knows your lingo.

Whimsical, engaging and undeniably charming, the assassin-without-a-Jiminy-Cricket soars through a beautifully-illustrated landscape of mayhem, betrayal and killer one-liners.

Paco Medina’s gorgeous pencils only add to the experience, heartily justifying the use of expensive, glossy paper through their smooth, attractive lines.

It also comically delves into the assassin’s childhood. Apparently, young Wilson has always had a secret desire to fight in a meat suit.

A barrel of bullets says some dreams do come true.

If that isn’t enough to get your meat-hooks in a professional rival, a mysterious and highly accomplished sharp-shooter makes an appearance, though his true identity is bound to be a surprise.

A whirlwind of entertainment and wit from beginning to end, “Dark Reign” is a welcome collection to any fan of the Merc with a Mouth, if only for his own well-being – after all, Deadpool is financially struggling and that fourth wall is about as stable as the Green Goblin.

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