Our Ten Best- Episode 20: Underrated and Overlooked PS2 Games

okageWith the PS2 essentially dead and only a handful of games still set to be released for it, Review Fix counts down 10 games on the system you may have missed.

10- The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Not to be confused with the series of games that Electronic Arts released over the years, this title follows the first book in the trilogy and was created by Black Label Games and Vivendi Universal. Not an amazing game, due largely to sloppy level design, it is still epic in size and well-worth your time, especially if you want a more faithful gameplay experience than the movie games afford.

9- Parappa the Rapper 2: A rapping dog, what’s not to love? While not possessing the song quality of its predecessor, this is an excellent rhythm game that immerses you in its vibrant and colorful world.

8- The Mark of Kri: Even though it was released before “God of War,” that’s the title that many will think of the first time they play this. However, there is nothing derivative here, as this game has a lot going for it, successfully combining the brutality of a slasher flick and the graphics and cut scenes of a Disney animated feature. Not as flashy as games like “Prince of Persia” and “Devil May Cry,” this game has enough substance and depth to warrant multiple plays.

7-Indigo Prophecy: Featuring the type of story that unfolds like a novel, this game is a ton of fun and like an RPG, it requires plenty of time. However, its control system is so simplistic that many may find themselves wanting a control system with more depth. Nevertheless, it’s different enough to demand your attention.

6- Simpson’s Hit & Run: Sure, it’s a GTA clone, but it’s a damn good one. To this date, it’s easily the best game based on the franchise.

5- Serious Sam: Next Encounter: A first person shooter that doesn’t need great graphics. Tons of weapons and fun story highlight one of the best shooting experiences on the system. Fun multi-player action helps as well.

4- Frequency: Without this game, it’s possible that there would be no such thing as “Guitar Hero” or “Rock Band.” Innovative and easy to pick up and play, this is a must own for any PS2 owner. Easily one of the best rhythm games ever created.

3- Okage Shadow King:
An excellent RPG that thanks to a witty and mischievous main character ends up being one of the most under-appreciated games in the console’s history.

2- Contra Shattered Soldier:
Though short, this title is difficult and a tribute to the classic shooters of the NES. A shame that it never got the attention that it deserved.

1- Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel: While it’s not the experience the other games in the series are, “Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel” plays just as well as highly-revered games such “Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance” and “Champions of Norrath.” Action RPGs are known to be on the repetitive side, but this title has it all, including a wide array of enemies, a vast world to explore and more than enough weapons. Because of that, it’s possibly one of the best games of its genre on the system.

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