This Monty Is Full-of Talent

montyMonty Are I has an amazing sophomore effort in their album “Break Through the Silence,” which will be released today. The title track is reminiscent of those rare rock hits from the ‘80s that happened to be catchy and relevant at the same time. It’s a mini rock-opera in less than four minutes – the complexity of the arrangement perfectly encapsulates the emotions that lead singer Steve Aiello expresses. This song alone makes the three-year period between albums well worth the wait.

Right after that, we have the pleasure of listening to “The Stand.” The opening of this track is similar to Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever,” then switches into an all out rock fest. Lyrics and the guitar playing of Ryan Muir and Aiello are the stars of this song. You’ll be adopting this track as your own personal anthem or, at the very least, the song that plays in your head when you’re feeling exceptionally cool.

“Hope” is another tour-de-force guitar-laden track. Bass, keyboards, trombone and lyrics come along for the ride, making the sound rich with meaning. Although this is a hopeful song, it’s not corny, and it makes being hopeful hip.

Similar to the previous tracks, “One in a Million” and “On the Wire” are yet another set of rock-out anthem tracks. However, songs like “Making Sounds,” “Convoy of Angels” and “All of You Tonight” don’t have much to offer to the rock genre – but even Monty Are I’s weakest efforts are better than another group’s A game.

Just when there is a lull on the album, “Sand Riders Doomsday” comes on and you’re rocking out once again. The multilayered arrangement and lyrics makes this a love song set to a fast, thriving beat. The drums and guitar are demanding “to keep this feeling alive.” You’ll want this tune to last much longer than three minutes.

“Kaleidoscope” also rocks and becomes increasingly interesting as it progresses with its unique musical arrangement. The opening throngs of “Desert” has a Middle-Eastern beat that is interwoven through the rhythmic arrangement. It’s a slightly different sound than the other tracks, which reflects Monty’s versatility as artists. “Mirage” furthers the desert imagery and acts as a companion piece to “Desert.” The slowing down of this track sets a morose tone – and Monty makes you like it. You feel the desperation of every step and the parched throat of someone wandering through the desert searching for an oasis.

All in all, “Break Through the Silence” is an electrifying album where you will find several favorites to do your best air guitar to. It’s definitely worth your time.

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