This Week in Comics- Episode Seven: Underrated Characters

storefrontThis week, Patrick and Robin talk about underrated and under-utilized characters in the Marvel and DC Universe.

Yes, Patrick mentions his love for Darkhawk, again, while Robin tries to be impartial and picks several characters that for some reason just never made the A-list in their respective universes.

Also, for some crazy reason, Patrick isn’t wearing a jersey this week, sporting a Homer Simpson look of sort.

Have no fear though, Robin is still his uber-cool self.

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Photos by Ron Hatcher.

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  1. hm I think the reason characters like Adam Warlock, silver surfer and Dr strange or in DC’s case Dr fate are underrated and under used is because their potentially limitless power and how that is dealt with in the context of their lives is what makes them so interesting but it also gives them an almost Deus ex Machina quality that if taken away to make a story with them more compelling also makes them less interesting,so that what you are left with when they are used at all is at best uneven story telling at worse something contrived , unappetizing and unreadable.

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