A Means to an End

Vampire_Diaries_LogoEpisode Commentary: “The End”

“Vampire Diaries” tries to find its groove by making fun of the genre and giving homage to Anne Rice. Damon is trying to become a more entertaining character, while the citizens of Mystic Falls are attempting to break out of their one-dimensional shells. Unfortunately, the plot seems to drag on.

It’s the annual Founder’s Day event, hosted by the mayor and his wife, who happen to be the parents of Tyler, who’s going out with Vicki; apparently behind his parents’ backs. The teenage angst is increasingly grating on the viewers’ nerves.

The “girl from the wrong side of the tracks” story got old from episode one. And when his mother reminds Tyler that “that’s what you get when you bring the trash into the party,” it’s rehashed dialogue from better shows with more interesting characters.

Meanwhile, after her talk with Damon, Elena demands answers from Stefan. In traditional, mysterious vampire fashion, Stefan refuses to talk about his past, leaving Elena “to believe what other people” tell her.

This dance between brothers is not developing into the interesting storyline that it could be. Stefan still attempts half-lame stunts to get rid of Damon and you get the feeling that his heart isn’t in it.

There is too much subtlety in these episodes and nothing happens until the last few moments of the show. This can’t continue if “Vampire Diaries” is going to last a full season. The cast is better than this. And they’re chomping at the bit to sink their teeth into some real action.

For the viewers, “trust is earned” and the audience “can’t just magically hand it over.”

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